The Futa’s Trap: Sissy Feminization Hurts so Good

Jason and Naya have the same circle of friends. When they start having sex, Jason insists on keeping it a secret since Naya is a salacious futanari. She’ll keep it a secret so long as Jason does what it takes to satisfy her, or else she’s going to spill the beans to all their friends.

With his ego and shame getting the best of him, Jason finds himself wearing a skimpy skirt and make-up, posing in such feminine splendor for the sake of Naya’s entertainment. She enjoys making him an obedient sissy, and despite his initial reluctance, she gives Jason a futa femdom experience that has him humble to be a submissive bottom.

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Story Excerpt

We begin to kiss and I’m reminded of why I’m so thrilled to be with her. The excitement propels my cock into an instant erection. Naya is quite turned on as well. Having me in these clothes must be something she considers to be sexy, because it’s obvious how horny she is for me right now.

As she strips me of my skimpy skirt, she slowly removes my panties, teasing me by gently rubbing her mouth against my throbbing cock as she bends down. Acknowledging to myself how awkward I feel while looking down at my legs and feet while wearing these fishnet leggings and high heels, I seductively step out of my sexy panties. I’m not one for futa femdom, but Naya isn’t someone with whom it’s easy to say no.

“You have me so hot right now, sugar. I want you to keep these leggings on while we have sex.”, she says, removing my heels and softly caressing my legs.

The way she slides her hands from my calves to my thighs, I get the impression that she’s gonna suck my raging cock as it’s begging for attention. Naya has always given good blowjobs, and I’m currently aching for her to work her magic on my rod. However, she stands to her feet instead.

“I bet you thought I was gonna suck your dick while I was down there, didn’t you?”, she softly asks as she begins to remove her clothes. “You’re not gonna be using your cock tonight.”

“What? How come?”

“Tonight is about embracing how we can take turns on each other during sex. You’ve enjoyed your share of fucking my sexy ass. It’s time I enjoy my share of fucking yours. I want you to watch me strip naked. Take note of how hard my futa-cock is for you right now. Tonight, you’re gonna give it your undivided attention.”, Naya replies, seductively removing all her clothes until she’s completely naked.

Her sexy body has me on fire. Remembering all the ways I’ve had her in my arms and fucking her to my delight has my blood boiling. Damn, I want her so bad, and to think that I can’t bend her over like I want to. With her standing here… So sexy… So salacious… Dammit!

The Futa’s Trap: Sissy Feminization Hurts so Good

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