The Futa Librarian: She’s Packing More Than Books

Ronald has a crush on the Head Librarian, Natalie, but is too shy to ask her out. He feels his chances are even worse after his friend teases him in front of her, hinting that he likes to bend over and take it. Ronald, full of embarrassment and denial, is unaware that futa sex and Natalie are one in the same.

Natalie has known for a while that Ronald has a crush on her, and that he’s too shy to do anything about it. To his surprise, she takes the initiative and asks him out. Getting better acquainted over dinner eventually leads to a steamy night on one of the library tables. Who knew that being a bookworm could be so much fun?

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Story Excerpt

“What? You mean men who like taking it in the butt?”

“That’s exactly what I mean. Such men are not only courageous, they’re also so much fun.”, she responds, looking at me so casually.

“Um… I guess you could say that. I mean… the courageous part, I guess. You know… because of how society may view them… you know?”

Here I am fumbling my words again. She really caught me off guard with this one. I wonder why she has an interest in such men. Interesting.

“That’s right. With society being so close-minded, it takes a courageous man to embrace being sexually penetrated by his lover.”, Natalie adds, having yet to remove her eyes from mine.

“You mean, you like penetrating men during sex? Is that why you have such an appreciation for those types of men?”

“Yes. That’s how I like it. Now, before you ask me anything else, I should tell you that I’m a futanari, Ronald.”, Natalie says, revealing to me a secret I would have never guessed on my own.

“Really!? You!? Wow! I had no idea!”

“It’s alright if this makes you feel differently about me. I don’t always find a man who is comfortable with it, but when I do… Well… Let’s just say I don’t have a problem with showing my appreciation.”, she replies.

This changes everything. I had no idea that Natalie is futanari. The thought never once crossed my mind. Wow. Being completely honest with myself right now, I am overjoyed and want to tell her the truth about me. I’ve only seen futanari in porn. I know she’s not a porn star, but this is perfect for me given my sexual experience. I can imagine futa sex with her being amazing. Can she keep a secret?

The Futa Librarian: She’s Packing More Than Books

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