Takin’ It Deep: Feminized by the Futa Alpha

Cassie, the bootylicious futa trap of the gym, likes to be on top in bed. While it’s obvious that Jaime can’t tell his friends, he still wants to take her out and see if he can get her to bottom for him while he retains his masculine swagger. Cassie agrees, but only if he can win their wager.

She challenges Jamie to see who has the best time running a mile. Whoever wins gets to top the other in bed for a month. Jamie runs two miles twice a week. Needless to say, he’s feeling pretty cocky. Watch it, Jamie. Cassie may be eye candy, but she’s fit and ready for action.

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Story Excerpt

She licks her lips and comes onto me. We’re making out again, and this time we’re fully naked. I feel her soft breasts press against my chest. Our tongues dance the tango in each other’s mouths while I run my hands around to her lower back, and then slide them down so that I can hold onto her perfectly round bare ass.

Her ass feels better than I imagined. It’s not only big and juicy, it’s also firm and tight – a perfect combination. I try my best to squeeze and grip as much of her perfect ass as I can before the momentum shifts. I know that it will shift soon. This whole time, both of our dicks have been standing tall beside and against each other while pressed into each other’s stomach. She’s such a futa trap.

I become distracted by the thought that her big cock will soon be entering my virgin asshole. Then, I feel the pressure from her breasts lighten as they leave my chest. I look down at those perky round jugs of hers and pounce upon them like a cub seeking its mommy’s milk. It takes both of my hands to hold one of her breasts. They’re big, but not too big. Cassie has perfect proportion with the size of her tits and ass.

“Play with my dick while you suck on my tits. Don’t be shy with it. Take it into your hand and show my dick some love.”, she asserts.

Here goes nothing. For the first time in my life, I have someone else’s cock in my hand. You know what? Now that I think about it, her perfect proportions include the size of her cock, too. Its size matches the size of her ass and tits. They’re all big and juicy.

She makes her dick jump in my hand. Other than the fact that I feel embarrassed holding it, her breasts in my face ease the discomfort. In fact, I’m soon able to handle the idea of stroking Cassie’s cock without a problem. That is, until she tells me to suck it.

Takin’ It Deep: Feminized by the Futa Alpha

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