Men Love Futas (Hitting the Futa Jackpot #1)

James wakes up to see a new neighbor moving into the house next door. When he finds that it is an attractive woman, he looks for any clues that hint at whether or not she’s moving in alone. When it’s apparent that she is, he makes his way over to introduce himself.

He hasn’t dated in a while, and he’s no stranger to the thrilling satisfaction of futa sex. Learning that his new neighbor is futanari is all the motivation he needs to turn up the heat. Celeste eagerly shows James that she’s what he’s been missing, but leaves him longing for more.

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Story Excerpt

I haven’t seen any men around since she moved in, but I wanted to make sure. Seeing her up close has me wavering on whether getting involved with someone who lives so close to my own house is something I can make an exception on. She’s gorgeous.

“No. I don’t have a boyfriend. For now, it’s just me. What about you? Is there a lady of the house? I wouldn’t want her getting the wrong idea should I actually come knocking on your door.”, Celeste answers, giving me a pretty smile.

“Nah. I’ve been enjoying the single life for a while now. You’re free to come knocking without any worries.”

“Okay. I’ll keep that in mind. I was about to pour a glass of tea, would you like some?”, she kindly offers.

“Sure. I’d love some.”

Celeste invites me into her humble abode and serves me a drink. We chat it up and get to know each other better. I’m not putting the moves on her or anything, it’s just friendly conversation. However, I am curious about her dating life. She said that she was single, but that doesn’t mean she’s not seeing anyone.

“I know you mentioned being single. Does that mean you’re not dating, either?”

“Not at the moment, no.”, she answers.

“What? A pretty woman like you? That’s surprising.”

“Well, I require a certain kind of mate if we’re going to be dating. You see, I’m a futanari. Anyone I date must be fully accepting of my sexuality.”, Celeste informs.

Wow! She’s a futa girl. It’s been months since I’ve had any futa sex. I love futanari girls. Here’s the thing, I’m a man who loves being fucked in the ass, but I’m not sexually attracted to other men. The body of a woman is the most beautiful thing to me. When a woman has a dick of her own, it’s even better.

Futanari women have long been my biggest turn on. Not only can they bend me over and fuck my ass the way I like it, they also have a sexy ass for me to plow into as well, and their bodies are a work of art. With the ability to top and bottom for me, giving me that glorious futa anal, futanari girls are easily the best of both worlds. It’s a shame that more people aren’t as accepting of the entirety of their anatomy.

Hitting the Futa Jackpot #1: Men Love Futas

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