Magic Futa Panties: Made Me a Sissy Sub

To help Claude understand the feminine sexual urges of a bottom, Janell brings to him a peculiar pair of panties and convinces him to put them on. As it was explained to Janell, the wearer of these magic panties will have strong and feminine sexual urges brought to the surface. Claude trusts Janell and agrees to put them on in order to temporarily feel what the hype of being a submissive bottom is all about.

However, both Claude and Janell are unaware that these panties have a magically potent side effect, transforming the wearer into a futanari who craves a dominant top. Claude’s futa transformation has him overwhelmed by the hormonal urges of an eager submissive. Finding a suitable mate becomes his only priority.

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Story Excerpt

I look into the mirror and examine my body, and sure enough, I am now a futa. I usually sleep in a t-shirt and boxer shorts. Last night I slept in a t-shirt and these magic panties. I took the t-shirt off to examine my body, and all I can think now is that these panties are responsible for my futa transformation. The magic Janell’s friend used must have been too strong, because not only did it give me the feminine sexual urges of a cock-hungry bottom, but it also gave me this sexy futalicious body.

Yes, I said sexy, as if to admire the way I look, despite my shock. I hurry and take off these panties, noticing how much smaller my dick is. They shrunk my dick, but why?! I reach for it and play with what’s left of it, balls in all. I’m only half the size I used to be, but it still feels the way a dick should feel.

Speaking of the way things feel, my breasts are so sensitive to the touch, and so are my butt-cheeks. They’re screaming for attention. My waist is smaller, my ass is more pronounced, my voice is higher in pitch, and my hair is longer.

Wow! These panties and Katherine’s magic is really something. I feel as if this new body really matches these feminine sexual urges that I’ve been feeling since yesterday, and running my fingers between my butt-cheeks sends fire up my spine and heat from my tight little pucker. I really want to get fucked in the ass now.

I’m not even thinking straight because I’m so fucking horny. However, after admiring myself in the mirror and fondling my body parts, I call Janell over to show her the futa transformation that took place last night. She arrives and is just as surprised as I am. It’s clear that she had no idea that the effects of those panties would go this far. Like the good friend she is, Janell gets Katherine on the phone and demands some answers and a solution.

Magic Futa Panties: Made Me a Sissy Sub

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