In Her Body: Turned into a Woman Who Craves Futa Meat

Josh and Erica have been flirting with one another lately, but he’s the one playing hard to get. Erica is a futalicious hottie, and although he’s attracted to her, he’s insecure about sleeping with her given the futa prize between her thighs.

Erica refuses to give up and implies that he wouldn’t feel so insecure about experiencing her futa’s prize if he were a woman. Josh playfully agrees before shrugging it off to dismiss the thought, but Erica dangles what she calls a magic talisman before him, claiming that he’d be a woman when he awakens the following morning.

To his surprise, his new body is smoking hot, sensitive to the touch, and is craving sexual release. For Josh, futa on male gender transformation proves to be an enticing predicament.

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Story Excerpt

Whoa! I admit that I’m a sexy piece of ass, but why am I so horny? I thought women didn’t like sex as much as guys do. Is something wrong with me, or do women lie about not having thoughts of sex? I can’t stop touching myself. Aside from being amazed at being in this body, my self-exploration is partially out of curiosity. The rest of it is pure sexual heat, and I want to cum right now.

I crawl my naked body back onto my bed, rolling my hips around and swaying my hair. I feel so sexy. Lying myself on my back, I spread my legs and imagine what it would be like for someone to devour my pussy. I squeeze, lick and kiss upon my big and sensitive breasts. My nipples send sparks to my clitoris and I can’t tease myself anymore. I must touch it directly.

Running my hands over my boiling mound, my clit jumps for joy at the thought of being stimulated. I instinctively know what to do with it now that I’m in a woman’s body. I wet my fingers with the juices that are rolling out of my sopping cunt, and roll my fingers around on my clit. The slippery sensation sends fire through my body, and I scream out like I’ve never screamed before.

This body is so sensitive to stimuli. My pussy is so hot and wet. I continue to massage my clit with one hand while I insert fingers into my pussy with the other. My sexual energy is through the roof at this point, and it’s not long before I’m twitching and shuddering upon my bed from orgasmic ripple after ripple.

Unlike when I’m a man, this orgasm lasts much longer, and is spread throughout my body instead of just centralized in my crotch. However, my clitoris explodes with the most intensity during this experience.

I lie in bed when it’s finally over and catch my breath. My breathing was so heavy, just from a little movement. Wow! The orgasmic experience for women is so different from that of men. Gender transformation is gonna take some getting used to.

In Her Body: Turned into a Woman Who Craves Futa Meat

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