Futa Domme: Feminizing the Alpha

Caleb is known for being a womanizer, and he’s always bragging about how free he is to be with any woman he wants. This all changes once he meets the futanari beauty, Alexis. Put off by the uniqueness of her sexuality, Caleb dismisses Alexis in a disrespectful manner.

As if by fate, Caleb’s carelessness soon places him in a futa femdom experience that turns out to be more than what he bargained for. Alexis gets her revenge as Caleb is forced to strut his stuff as her crossdressing sissy in order to make things all better.

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Story Excerpt

“Wrap your lips around your teeth. Despite being on the opposite end this time, you know the drill.”, she commands.

Of course, my mind isn’t fully concentrated upon doing a good job. I’m too distracted by how shameful I feel. However, the sooner I get this over with, the sooner this futa femdom experience will all be over. So, I focus my attention on Alexis’ cock, and try my hardest to give her the best blow job that I can. I don’t want her having any excuse to continue punishing me.

Doing as she says and wrapping my lips around my teeth, I’m able to develop a consistency with my momentum as I bob up and down on her futa-cock. My mouth grows more accustomed to being spread wide open and repeatedly swallowing her meaty shaft.

The focus I’ve applied to sucking her off has enabled within me a form of comfort. I’m no longer grossed out by having a dick in my mouth, and as I think about it, there were plenty of women who have enjoyed sucking my cock. With this new-found comfort in having a dick in my mouth, and with how good I’m getting at giving a blowjob, I’m actually beginning to enjoy myself as well.

“That’s it, baby. Get into it. Suck that cock, baby.”, Alexis softly moans as she’s taking satisfaction from my efforts.

She grabs my head and begins to move her hips up and down on the couch, fucking my face as I surrender to her my mouth. As she goes deeper and deeper down my gullet, my untrained throat quickly clinches before opening widely and I begin to gag. I force myself up and off Alexis’ hard dick in order to catch my breath.

“Oh, no! Don’t think I’m through fucking your mouth just yet. Gagging just comes with the territory until you’ve learned how to properly deep-throat.”, she says with an unrelenting intention to shove her dick back down my throat.

“Just give me a second! Please! I wasn’t ready for that.”

“You have ten seconds before your mouth should be open and around my cock. You’re beginning to do so well, don’t stop now.”, she responds. Her hands are still holding my head and her huge cock is just inches away from my lips.

Futa Domme: Feminizing the Alpha

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