FAE: Futas Anonymous Escorts

Paul’s secret fantasy is to one day lay himself bare before the futanari of his dreams. When he’s introduced to Futas Anonymous Escorts, his initial reluctance causes him to be hesitant. But after meeting the sexy futanari hottie, Sabrina, he can’t help but be anxious at the thought of finally getting what he’s looking for. One thing is for certain. By the time this futanari on male fiesta is all said and done, it’ll be an encounter Paul won’t ever forget.

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Story Excerpt

“Did you notice what I did with my mouth and tongue?”, Sabrina asks.

“Yeah. You’re good, and that felt awesome.”

“You can be awesome, too. I have an idea. Get down here with me and let’s 69 each other.”, Sabrina suggests.

Whoa! This is gonna be cool. I’ve always wanted to 69 a futa chick, and here’s my chance. She must have been reading my mind because I want to do it all with her. I lie on the floor and she takes my cock into her hand as I take hers into mine. I brace myself for a futanari on male fiesta I won’t ever forget.

“Now, notice what I do with my mouth, lips and tongue, and just do what I do.”, Sabrina commands before wrapping her warm mouth back around my stiff shaft.

I try hard to focus on mimicking her motions and technique, but my dick is melting in her mouth. Her slurping sounds around my cock is so fucking sexy. Her pre-cum in my mouth tastes delicious. I could lie on this floor with her all night, just like this.

After a while of practice, and moaning from Sabrina’s glorious blowjob skills, I notice that I’ve developed blowjob skills of my own. Sabrina is moaning in pleasure a lot more than she was before. This makes me proud, and I grab, squeeze and slap her on her juicy ass while I slob on her knob.

She’s doing the same with my ass, and she’s also beginning to slide her fingers in my butt. My dick gets even harder. This whole experience is such a turn on. I’m honestly more comfortable with her fucking my butt now, and she can use as much of her fingers as she wants.

My cock is in her mouth and her fingers are plugging my asshole. In my mind, this is such a sexy scene and I’m absolutely fine with Sabrina preparing me to be her butt-whore.

This fantasy running through my mind, along with the sensations I feel with her, send me into orgasm and I cum all in Sabrina’s mouth. The first thing I notice about this fact is that Sabrina does not complain at all. The second thing I notice is that she immediately begins to swallow every splurt my dick leaks into her mouth.

When a woman swallows during orgasm after giving me head, it feels the absolute best. Following through by swallowing maintains the intensity of orgasmic sensation. Otherwise, it’s interrupted, and it’s even worse when she complains about it. Not tonight. Not with Sabrina. I savor the sensation of moaning aloud with her dick still at the back of my throat.

When I’m all done leaking my jizz, she continues to suck me off, keeping my dick hard as it bathes in her mouth. Oh, my god! Sabrina! I finally pull myself together and start back to sucking upon her cock. I’m sure I’m not good enough to make her cum, but I’ll give it a good effort. If I must, I’ll give her a good handjob just so I can return the favor. I want her to cum in my mouth and I want to swallow it.

FAE: Futas Anonymous Escorts

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