Club Futa: A Gentleman’s Paradise (Hitting the Futa Jackpot #3)

Celeste has fallen for James even more, and wants to be his number one futa girl. She shares with him an arrangement where the two of them enter an open relationship. They each get to see other people, but make each other their priority. James agrees to this arrangement as he loves the idea of having a futanari girlfriend. He also loves that Celeste is willing to share her futa friends with him.

They’ll be meeting Candace later at Club Futa. She’s already reserved a private champagne room for their much-anticipated futa orgy. There are futanari girls everywhere and James can barely contain himself. Candace brings a friend of her own to the party and as always, there will be more than bottles popping at Club Futa.

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Story Excerpt

As we enter the club, I’m stunned by all the sexy futanari girls scattered throughout the place. There’s Caucasian futas, Asian futas, Ebony futas, Indian futas, Latina futas, and other futas who’s nationality I don’t even know. This rush of excitement coursing through me has me speechless. Celeste is finally able to get my attention and direct me to a booth where we’re able to sit and order some drinks.

There has to be men from all walks of life in this club tonight, and although it’s a gentleman’s club, there are women here as well. Just like men, women love futas, too. Make no mistake about it. Futas are the best of both worlds for men and women alike.

Each futa is wearing nothing but a mini apron that covers their dick. All you have to do to see them is lift up the apron. Their asses and titties are out for all to see. There are futa waitresses, futa dancers, futa bartenders, I even think the DJ is a futa. I hate that I can’t see what she’s wearing up in the DJ booth.

Candace finally finds us and she brings a friend with her. The two of them are gorgeous, and wearing those aprons make me want to reach, grab, and grope on them both. My mouth is watering. Wait… I just had a thought. Please, let’s have a futa orgy! Please! Pretty please, God! Let me have a futa orgy tonight!

“Hey, guys! I see you’ve made it! How are you!?”, Candace cheerfully asks.

“We’re fine. We got here not too long ago. This place is wild!”, Celeste answers.

“I know, right!? Let me introduce you to a friend of mine. Celeste, James, this is Dalia. Dalia, this is my best friend, Celeste, and her friend, James.”, Candace says as she introduces everyone.

“Hello! Nice to meet you! I’ve heard so much about you both!”, Dalia says.

“It’s nice to meet you as well.”

This is my first time meeting Dalia. I must say that she looks mighty tasty. I wonder if Celeste and I will get to find out. We all talk for a while to break the ice. After dancing for us, Candace and Dalia slide into the booth with us and get a little touchy-feely. It’s about time. Let’s get the real party started.

Hitting the Futa Jackpot #3: Club Futa: A Gentleman’s Paradise

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