The Librarian: She’s Packing More Than Books

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Ronald has a crush on the Head Librarian, Natalie, but is too shy to ask her out. His friend Johnathan teases him in front of Natalie, hinting that Ronald likes to bend over and take it.

Ronald, full of embarrassment and denial, can’t believe Johnathan puts him on the spot like that, but is unaware that Natalie is a tucked transsexual who’s looking for a man who can appreciate her hung package.

Natalie has known for a while that Ronald has a crush on her, and that he’s too shy to do anything about it. To his surprise, she takes the initiative and asks him out. They get better acquainted over dinner where the two reveal secrets that lead to a steamy night on one of the library tables. Who knew reading could be so hot?

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(Excerpt) The Librarian: She’s Packing More Than Books

At the library, we say our hellos, but I let her do her work. A while later she comes by my table and asks if I’d stay and close up with her. I agreed and hung behind as Johnathan and everyone else left for the night. We lock up and meet back at the table where I’ve placed my things.

“I saw you grading test papers. How did your students do today?”, Natalie asks. She remembered that I was to test my students today.

“To be honest, they could have done better. I can tell that the lot of them shrug off their studies over the weekend, but they all passed… some of them just barely.”

“Interesting. I was thinking. I’ve got a test for you as well, Ronald.”, Natalie says, looking seductively into my eyes.

“Oh, really? What sort of test is it?”

“I’d like to test you on how well you can enjoy yourself with me.”, she replies, sitting me on the edge of the table and kissing me, gracefully moving her tongue into my mouth.

We’re officially making out for the first time. I’m so excited. She removes my shirt, then I remove hers. Her bra squeezes her juicy tits together so tightly. I fondle them before removing her bra, and then fondle and kiss upon them some more. They’re so big and round. Just one of them fully fits into my hand….

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