The Dominant Wife: He Submits to Her

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A heterosexual man is seduced into bottoming for his wife. Not only does this experience awaken in him a craving that forces him to redefine his sexuality, but it is also the prime motivation behind him accepting her as his Dom.

This newlywed couple, Carl and Bridgette, reshape the structure of household roles as love, pleasure, and sexual exploration win out over embarrassment and shame. The Dominant Wife reigns supreme as Carl accepts his surrender like a good submissive.

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(Excerpt) The Dominant Wife: He Submits to Her

“After you’re done with the dishes, go shower and report back to me in the living room. Make sure you’re in your birthday suit, bitch. No clothes.”, she commands in a stern voice.

“Wow! Does this have anything to do with my big surprise?”

“At the moment, you have no permission to ask any questions about my intentions for you and your body. Get started on the dishes. They won’t wash themselves.”, she says, staring me in the eyes.

“Sure thing, babe. I’m on it.”

Like the good submissive I’m expected to be, I do as I’m told. No questions. I wash, rinse, dry the dishes and put them away. I shower and bathe myself, thoroughly. My stomach churns the duration of my shower. Curiosity and suspense have me against the ropes, but I will not ask anything of my wife. I will merely do as I’m told and trust her as I always have. Entering the living room, she stops me from sitting down upon the couch.

“Don’t sit down just yet. Stand right here. Turn around. Bend over. And, spread ‘em.”, Bridgette commands, pointing her finger at the space directly in front of her.

I stand in front of her as she sits on the couch. I turn around, bend over, reach my hands back and grab both of my butt cheeks and spread them open for her. I feel so vulnerable.

“Yes. I love that beautiful little pucker of yours, all nestled in between the crack of your ass like that. Give me a wink.”, she says in a soft voice.

I squeeze my anal sphincter a few times, winking my puckering hole at her….

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