Rod of Correction: Because She’s Sooo Bad

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Selene and Rachelle have been together for a while and have recently integrated a D/s (Domination & submission) dynamic into their relationship to spice things up. All is well until Rachelle, Selene’s futa Dom, makes opening Selene’s backdoor a disciplinary action for Selene’s disobedience.

Selene has never participated in any backdoor action and can’t imagine enjoying it. However, she has been a bad girl and must accept the consequences of her actions. Share in her experience as Rachelle bestows upon Selene the pleasures of the taboo.

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(Excerpt) Rod of Correction: Because She’s Sooo Bad

“All done, mama. I’m ready for you as you commanded.”, Selene says as she re-enters the bedroom. She notices that the mood is set just the way she likes. A naked and patiently waiting Rachelle lies on the bed with a bottle of lube next to her.

“Come here and lay next to me, on your back.”, Rachelle commands. Selene complies.

They begin by making out as usual, getting each other hot and turned on. They kiss each other deeply as Rachelle mounts Selene and presses her bursting erection against her engorged clit. Pre-cum begins to ooze from Rachelle’s member and Selene is dripping wet and approaching orgasm from grinding her clit upon Rachelle’s hardness.

“Oh, no you don’t. You’re not gonna cum just yet. Save that for later.”, Rachelle says as she backs away from Selene’s boiling mound.

She massages, kisses and sucks upon Selene’s juicy and tender tits, squeezing them firmly on occasion. She also teases her by rubbing her belly against her already yearning clit. Selene desperately grinds against her, reaching for the orgasm Rachelle continues to deny her. She’s so hot and worked up she can hardly stand it. As Rachelle makes her way down between her legs, Selene begins to beg for it.

“Please, Rachelle. Please eat my pussy. Uhh!… I’m so close.”, Selene begs.

“I know, babygirl. I’m gonna make you cum soon enough.”, Rachelle answers.

Rachelle lifts Selene’s knees to her breasts and begins to dance around her aching clit with her tongue. She makes sure not to stimulate it directly as she knows how close to clitoral orgasm Selene is. Instead, she kisses her pussy lips with her warm mouth and briefly fucks her cunt with a pointed tongue….

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