In Her Body: Turned into a Woman Who Craves Futa Meat

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Josh and Erica have been flirting with one another lately, but he’s the one playing hard to get. Erica is a futa-licious hottie, and although he’s attracted to her, he’s insecure about sleeping with her given the futa-prize between her thighs.

However, Erica refuses to give up, and implies that he wouldn’t feel so insecure about experiencing her futa’s prize if he were a woman. Josh playfully agrees before shrugging it off to dismiss the thought, but Erica dangles what she calls a magic talisman before him, claiming that he’d be a woman when he awakens the following morning.

To his surprise, his new body is smoking hot, sensitive to the touch, and is craving for sexual release. To make things even more mind-boggling, after Erica has her way with him, she reveals that it was never magic that transformed him into a woman. Find out more as Josh experiences sexual pleasure beyond his wildest dreams while in a woman’s body.

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MI Eros' TS Live Cams

(Excerpt) In Her Body: Turned into a Woman Who Craves Futa Meat

We make out as we slowly make our way to my bedroom. My bed is already prepared for our passion, with the sheets still pulled back as I didn’t make it this morning. Feeling her this close to my body, my sexual arousal has taken complete control of me, and I begin to remove her clothes so that she can join me in being naked. She’s already removed my t-shirt and is admiring my body with her mouth and hands.

“You see this, Janine? Do you see how hard my cock is for you?”, Erica softly says after she steps out of her pants.


“That’s right. I’m giving you the name of Janine for as long as you’re a woman. It’s a sexy name, don’t you think?”, she responds, softly caressing and kissing upon my tender tits.

Janine sounds like a really sexy name to me. To be called by such a sexy female name makes me even hornier as I accept this body and embrace being a woman in this moment. As she lies me down upon the bed, her attention to my breasts send tingling sensations down my belly and into my purring engorgement. My clitoris is on fire and is begging to feel Erica’s mouth against it.

“Oh, Erica! Eat my pussy! I want to know what it feels like! Please!”

“I’ve got you hot, haven’t I? OK. I’m hungry for your love, anyways.”, she softly responds as she makes her way down my ticklish belly.

I gasp and moan in anticipation, but when her mouth finally reaches my clit, I lose all composure….

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