Futa-licious Dom Juice: Across My Bottom

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After going on a few dates and discovering Jennifer’s futa-licious secret, it becomes apparent to Mark that she prefers to be on top. At first, he’s a little reluctant to test the waters with her in bed, but he really likes her and wants their relationship to grow.

So, when she finds a new job that requires her to move out of town, Mark takes steps that not only secures Jennifer as his girlfriend, but redefines his sexuality as she becomes his versatile top. For Jennifer, this is just what the doctor ordered, and it’s bottoms up in this futa on male, futanari lover, tranny sex erotica!

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MI Eros' TS Live Cams

(Excerpt) Futa-licious Dom Juice: Across My Bottom

She treats me to a deliciously crafted home-cooked meal, and we enjoy sipping wine by candle light. When the food is long gone, and our conversation becomes a sexual turn on, Jennifer stands up from the table and makes her way towards me.

The way she wears that silky black dress, the way she moves, she’s so sultry and gracefully sexy. It’s a slim and firm fitting dress that exposes her cleavage and reveals the print of her sexy dick. She never hides it between her legs when we’re at home. She doesn’t need to. I prefer that she allow it to be free within the comfort of our own home.

I slide my chair away from the kitchen table and she straddles me in it. We pour our tongues into each other’s mouths and engage the passion that has been stirring between us all this time. Her bootylicious ass is so soft and beloved in my hands. Her hips swirl around upon my lap as she grinds her hard futa cock into my stomach.

I pull the dress from her shoulders and it freely falls beneath her juicy tits. I shift the attention of my hands from her butt to her breasts, squeezing and massaging them to her delight. After taking them into my mouth and having my way with them, Jennifer stands, lifts her dress above her waist and sits back upon the kitchen table.

“Suck on my cock, baby! I want to feel it in your mouth!”, she moans, stroking herself with anticipation.

I lean forward upon her cock-meat and do my due diligence as her futa lover. I’ve gotten quite good at sucking her off, as she’s given me plenty of practice. I know exactly how to do it to get her off. I’ll pull and slightly tug on her ball sac with my hands while I tend to her throbbing cock with my lips and tongue. Then, I alternate, sucking upon each of her futa nuts while I stroke her juicy dick with my hands. A few rounds of this and then I deep throat her massive cock, trying more and more to swallow her whole each time.

My throat has expanded since I first began. It allows me to almost fit all of her in my mouth without gagging. I back off and catch my breath as needed, but I’ve come to love the experience of her cock in my mouth. I reach up with both hands and….

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