Curse of the Futa-Witch: Gender Swap Magic Shop

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An unsuspecting Andy meets Katherine at a house party. He discovers that Katherine is a futagirl, but doesn’t know that she is a real witch.

When a drunken Andy disrespects her, she curses him, turning him into a futa so that he may feel what it’s like to walk in her shoes. After his futile attempts at begging her to change him back to a man, Katherine reveals to Andy that the only way to break the curse is for him to explore his futanari sexuality.

The desperate Andy, who is now Mandy, must find a way to overcome the awkwardness she feels and develop the courage to embrace her new futa-licious body and explore new sensations. It proves to be a tough challenge in the beginning, but becomes a very pleasurable experience.

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MI Eros' TS Live Cams

(Excerpt) Curse of the Futa-Witch: Gender Swap Magic Shop

We make out on her couch before bumping into the walls as we make our way to her bedroom, all the while, removing each other’s clothes. We’re both a little tipsy, but I’m not nearly as hammered as I was last night. Just looking at her sexy body turns me on. My breasts swell along with my dick. Holding each other, facing each other with our tits pressed together, our dicks mashing together as we grind upon each other, we finally fall upon the bed.

“Do you mind if I take the lead? This is your first time as a futagirl.”, Katherine asks.

“I don’t mind. How do we do this?”

“Just relax and let me.”, She softly commands as she takes one of my tender breasts into her mouth.

Wow! It feels amazing. My whole breast is a pleasure zone, nothing like a man’s chest. And, my nipples are so sensitive.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?”, she asks. She knows I like it and want more.

“Yes, please don’t stop. You feel so good.”

Katherine proceeds to rub and kiss me all over my body, from my neck to my tits, my belly to my thighs. She teases me by lightly stroking and kissing upon my….

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