Bent Over Futa: Taking the Boss

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Max feels good about the new secretary, Anita. He hired her to take some of the load off his work schedule, and she’s very competent and efficient. However, he’s been attracted to her ever since he interviewed her for the position.

Anita wanted to know if it were alright for her to work there at the company because she’s a futagirl. Max assured her that they’re an equal opportunity employer. He was already attracted to her, but her being a futa got his curiosity churning. He’s never been with a futanari before and he wants to wet his whistle.

Anita catches him checking her out and decides to flirt with him to see if he’s really into her. He already knows she is futa, so his interest in her won’t be swayed should the temperature start to rise. It’s going to be a late night at the office.

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(Excerpt) Bent Over Futa: Taking the Boss

Anita stands to her feet, walks over to Max and runs a finger from the top of his chest to the mid-point of his belly. She wants to know if he really wants her as much as she wants him. She looks into his eyes – he takes a deep breath.

“You can call me Anita, Mr. Jones. I don’t mind.”, she says, making herself available for him to take her.

“And, you can call me Max… when we’re alone, of course.”, Max answers, grabbing her around her waist and pulling her closer.

They begin to kiss and embrace each other, releasing the mental and emotional restraints they’ve held onto all week. Anita pulls Max’s shirt from his pants and loosens his belt. Max begins to unbutton her blouse, having pulled it from her skirt as well.

“Wait. Let me go and lock the front door. We don’t want anyone walking in on us. Meet me in my office. I’ll be right back.”, Max says as he heads to make sure the coast is clear and locks up.

Entering his office and closing the door behind him, he finds Anita sitting upon the edge of his desk. She has already removed her shoes and skirt. Her blouse is fully unbuttoned and falling freely over her perky tits. She is without a bra, wearing nothing but an unbuttoned blouse and panties, invitingly staring at her boss from the edge of his desk….

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