Sissy Loves the Scent of a Woman (Sissy Feminization Trials #3)

by | Futa-licious Series, Sissy Feminization Trials Series

Michelle is almost done with Roland’s Sissy Feminization Trials. He’s lasted the entire week as her submissive sissy and has one day left before she grants him the ability to feel like a man again. However, she’s not making it easy for him as she teases him with her feminine scent, a scent from the prize between her thighs. The female to futa transformation serum has worn off and right now, Michelle is all woman.

Pleasuring herself in front of Roland awakens his masculine hunger for her, but she teasingly denies his desire, forcing him to watch after positioning his face only inches away from the action. His nose rings from the passion of her feminine scent. Later that evening, Michelle ingests more of the female to futa transformation serum and has her way with Roland’s puckering bottom while forcing him to wear a pair of her scent-imbued panties over his nose.

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(Excerpt) Sissy Loves the Scent of a Woman (Sissy Feminization Trials #3)

She follows me and removes her clothing as well. Since I already know the routine, as soon as I’m undressed, I place myself on all fours upon the bed and wait for my wife’s presence behind me. I wasn’t thinking clearly because I left the wig on my head and was soon told to take it off.

“Roland, dear. I said to remove everything but the make-up and pantyhose. That goes for the wig as well, sweetie.”, Michelle says in a calm voice.

“Yes, dear. My apologies.”

“Not to worry. I have something else of a feminine nature that you’ll be wearing upon your head tonight.”, she says as she places her panties over my face.

She situates them over my face so that the waist-line wraps around the top of my head and underneath my chin. The crotch stretches horizontally across my nose. How clever of my dear wife? While she played with her pussy on our way home, her erotic juices soaked into the crotch of her panties along with her feminine scent.

I’m immediately reminded of the way I felt for her this morning. Her scent within my nose triggers my manly hormones into action. My dick becomes erect and all I can think of is how good it’s going to feel to fuck my wife again. However, soon after my dick gets hard, my ass gets wet as Michelle applies the lube. Shortly after her fingers massage and relax my anal sphincter, I become the biggest sissy as I surrender to the huge futa-cock making its way into my man-cunt….

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