Feminized and Popped til I Drop (Sissy Feminization Trials #2)

by | Futa-licious Series, Sissy Feminization Trials Series

Michelle is having fun sissifying her husband. However, she admits to being a little jealous about witnessing how much Roland enjoyed having his bottom filled by Brandy. So, she got Brandy to share with her where she gets the female to futa transformation serum, and now Michelle has a futa’s glory of her own.

Roland tries to deny that he enjoyed being drilled by Brandy, but Michelle knows that he’s lying. Roland, trying to hold onto the last thread of manhood he has left, is broken once again by Michelle’s voracious futanari vigor. Ashamed at how much he likes being popped and stuffed by his wife, he’s reluctant, but eventually gives into the experience and surrenders to her dominant desire of making him her submissive bottom.

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MI Eros' TS Live Cams

(Excerpt) Feminized and Popped til I Drop (Sissy Feminization Trials #2)

“Do you not care for any of these women?”, she replies.

“Well, not as much as I care for you. Sure, I was attracted to them, but none of them could ever have my heart. My heart belongs to you, Michelle.”

“Of course you’d say that, but it’s nice to hear it anyway.”, she responds, and pauses for a moment while looking at me with wanton eyes. “Let’s go to our bedroom, now. I want to have some fun.”, she adds.

I know what this means. She’s finally going to fuck me in the ass, and this butt-plug I’ve been wearing has my man-cunt loose and relaxed for her cock. We get into the bedroom and Michelle commands me to stand still as she removes her dress and panties. Then, she grabs me and places me in front of her as we stand at the foot of our bed.

“Pull your evening gown up to around your waist and crawl onto the edge of the bed. I want you on your hands and knees.”, Michelle commands.

“You don’t want me to get undressed first?”

“No. I want you just the way you are, a feminine sissy in drag. And before you ask, you’ll also be keeping your high heels on as well. Now, do as I’ve commanded Roland.”, she replies in a casual, but firm tone.

I don’t know why I care anymore at this point. I have no more pride. My vindictive wife has saw to that. Making me go out in public with her while wearing this outfit, I can only imagine what people will think of us from now on. Pulling my dress up to around my waist, I crawl onto the bed and get on all fours….

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