Men Love Futas (Hittin’ the Futa Jackpot #1)

by | Futa-licious Series, Hittin’ the Futa Jackpot Series

James wakes up to see a new neighbor moving into the house next door. When he finds that it is an attractive woman, he looks for any clues that hint at whether or not she’s moving in alone. When it’s apparent that she is, he makes his way over to introduce himself. He finds out that her name is Celeste, she’s single, bisexual, and a futa.

James has always been fond of women who are futa, and decides to put the moves on her. Celeste finds him to be equally attractive, but isn’t interested in anything serious at the moment. However, she does enjoy the fact that James knows how to appreciate a futanari woman. Will James get what he wants from Celeste? See you inside of this passionate futa on male fun!

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(Excerpt) Men Love Futas (Hittin’ the Futa Jackpot #1)

“I’ve got another bottle of wine in the fridge. I’ll be back in a second.”

“Sounds great.”, Celeste replies, giving me a sexy wink and a smile.

This is great. The only thing I can think about while walking into my kitchen is how much fun I’m going to have with Celeste. She’s exactly the kind of woman I want to spend my time with. She’s exactly the kind of woman that turns me on the most.

I set my glass down on the counter and reach into the fridge to grab the wine. I notice that Celeste has followed me into the kitchen. She sets her glass on the counter, doesn’t say anything… just gives me the come-hither motion with her finger. With that look in her eyes, I know what she wants, and I’m gonna give it to her.

We embrace each other as our tongues dance. Anticipating each other’s sexual desire for one another has finally found its release. We remove each other’s tops. I make sure to remove her bra immediately after. Leaning her against the counter, I have my way with her plump and soft breasts, kissing and suckling them all over. She lays her head back and moans in excitement.

As I hold both of her breasts in my hands, Celeste pulls my throbbing cock from my pants and holds it firmly in hers. I’m so excited to be with her. I haven’t been with a futa in months and want to play with her dick just as much as she wants to play with mine. I work my hands down to undo her skirt and it drops to the floor.

I stoop to the floor and free her cock from her panties. Celeste’s dick flies up from between her thighs….

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