Club Futa: A Gentleman’s Paradise (Hittin’ the Futa Jackpot #3)

by | Futa-licious Series, Hittin’ the Futa Jackpot Series

Celeste has fallen for James even more, and wants to be his number one futagirl. She shares with him an arrangement where the two of them enter an open relationship where they each get to see other people, but make each other their priority. James agrees to this arrangement as he loves the idea of having a futanari girlfriend. He also loves that Celeste will sometimes invite her futa friends over for some action.

They’ll be meeting Kandy later at Club Futa, a gentlemen’s club, where Kandy has already reserved for them a private room. James and Celeste are even more thrilled when Delicious, one of Kandy’s futa girlfriends, joins the party. This is a futanari shemales, futas on male, sexy ladyboy love erotica. And as always, there will be more than bottles popping at Club Futa.

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(Excerpt) Club Futa: A Gentleman’s Paradise (Hittin’ the Futa Jackpot #3)

With a name like Delicious, she must be tasty. I wonder if Celeste and I will get to find out. We all talk for a while to break the ice. After dancing for us, Kandy and Delicious slide into the booth with us and get a little touchy-feely. It’s about time. Let’s get the real party started.

“So, were you able to reserve for us a champagne room?”

“I sure was. Would the two of you like to go now?”, Kandy seductively asks.

I look over at Celeste to see her smile at me and give me a wink. She’s just as ready as I am.

“Yeah! Let’s go! Lead the way!”

“Okay. Follow me!”, Kandy replies, and she leads us to the private champagne room.

I can’t help but notice that Delicious is coming with us. I’m so excited. Not only do I get to see how delicious she really is, but we’re about to have a foursome, a fucking futa orgy – Jackpot! Yeah!

As soon as we enter our private room, Kandy and Delicious waste no time in getting Celeste and I naked. Kandy takes me on while Delicious takes on Celeste. Celeste and I smile at each other as they remove our clothes. After we’re completely naked, they lay us side by side on the floor. The carpet is lush and soft.

“Since the two of you are our guests, we’ll pleasure you first before this becomes an all-out free-for-all orgy.”, Kandy says as she and Delicious remove their mini aprons.

Oh my god! I knew that there would be sex, but I just thought that it would be another threesome with Kandy. That would have been good enough, but I’m not turning down a futa orgy with me as the only male. This is going to be heaven as I’ve officially hit the futa jackpot….

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