Thicc Futanari Girls for Futa on Male Fun

Futanari + Delicious = Futalicious

An MI Eros futanari is a fictional and androgynous character of predominantly feminine appearance. Their sexuality consists of tits🥛, dick🍆, balls🍒 and ass🍑. This is the baseline for how I create my futanari characters.

The MI Eros experience is filled to the brim with thicc futanari girls, futanari anal, futa on male, futa traps, and all the fulfilling sex you can expect from the domination of sissy femboy subs. All my futanari stories have at least one main futa girl character for your naughty pleasures.

Bottoms up, open wide 💦 and enjoy the ride.

Here Is My Gift To You

Short Story Satisfaction

This is not Romance. This is Erotica. When all you need is an hour or two to get what you came for, my steamy futanari stories are sure to hit the spot.

Quality Stories

Creative care has been taken to ensure you’re able to enjoy more than just a sex scene. You’ll notice how the accompanying story takes you on a journey of emotional growth as well as sexual fulfillment.

Sexy Futanari

It’s what we’re here for. Within the MI Eros experience, you can freely indulge the many pleasures of a futa’s allure. Each story has a memorable futanari character for your naughty pleasures.

Thicc Futanari Girls

So what are you waiting for?!

Dive in and have some fun!