MI Eros Has Been Rebranded and is Now TS Allure

MI Eros to TS Allure

For those of you who want to skip the explanation of the brand change and go straight to the naughty stories and other adult content (but only if you can handle the adult content), go here: https://tsallure.com/trans-erotica-stories/

For those of you who want to understand why MI Eros is now TS Allure, continue reading.

Why the brand change from MI Eros to TS Allure?

There are 2 reasons I decided to undergo a change of branding, the first of which is quite simple. I want to offer more than just erotic stories to my audience. Not only do I like reading stories that are rich in trans girl seduction, I also love to watch videos and live cams that offer the same.

Adult live webcams and trans tube sites have always turned me on. So, I made it a point to create a tube site of my own – a trans tube site.

Therefore, I needed a brand name that is more relevant to trans girl seduction than my current author name. TS Allure is a better fit for my plans moving forward. And as TS Allure, I’ll be helping you through the day, the TS Fucking Sexy way!

The second reason for the brand change isn’t as easy to explain. But I’ll do my best. Please continue reading. 🤔

MI Eros to TS Allure

Trans Erotica Stories Remastered


The Futa-licious Archive is the name of my earlier bookshelf. As I build upon the TS Allure name, this bookshelf will partially be remastered.

My erotic stories are fictional in nature, and futanari women are fictional characters. But I prefer my fictional erotica to be about actual trans girls.

Futanari is a term I’ve used in the past to refer to my trans girls. Futa on male was my main niche. And coupled with the few stories that entail magical gender swaps and male feminization, these were merely the beautiful mistakes of a budding author.

When I first started publishing my naughty stories a couple of years ago, I was influenced by the Transgender Erotica/Romance categories found on major ebook retailers. The Top 100 of these categories predominantly entail magical or experimental gender swaps, male feminization (where the sissified male doesn’t really identify as trans), and futanari on female pairings.

The problem with incorporating these types of stories into my catalog is that they don’t fully align with my main focus as an erotica author, which is “trans girl on guy”. I humbly admit to being swayed by the popularity of the above stories in the past. But moving forward, I’ll only write and produce the erotic stories that interest those of us who want actual trans girls to get the guy.

Make no mistake, though. I’m not a Romance author. Don’t want to be. I am an Erotica author. A Trans Erotica author.

In an effort to salvage some of the good ideas that were birthed from my writing spirit in the past, I’ll be remastering some of the stories found in the Futa-licious Archive to make them better (and more trans appropriate).

These remastered stories will be offered alongside new and original stories that are exclusive to the TS Allure name. I ask for your patience as we indulge this erotic undertaking together.

You can find my catalog of trans erotica stories (alongside sexy tgirl tube videos) here: https://tsallure.com/trans-erotica-stories/

TS Allure

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