Welcome to the MI Eros Experience.

This is a place of passion-filled stories about sexy trans girls and the men who desire them.

There’s also live action available via MI Eros’ TS Live Cams. But don’t forget the Adult Disclaimer.

The MI Eros Experience is for mature adults only.

Although there’s plenty of audio/visual stimulation available, let’s not forget how our imagination plays its part in our sexual arousal.

So, for those of you who prefer a more literary form of eroticism, check out my Futa-licious Archive. Below you’ll find the categories for which I’ve placed my naughty stories.

Standalone stories that’ll have you removing your underwear.

Stories that feature an ongoing plot & character development.

Stories that share similar themes or entire series that have been bundled together.

Here Is My Gift To You

Short Story Satisfaction

This is NOT Romance. This IS Erotica. When all you need is an hour or two to get what you came for, my steamy shorts are sure to hit the spot.

Quality Story Plots

Creative care has been taken to ensure you’re able to enjoy more than just a sex scene. You’ll notice how the accompanying story takes you on a journey of emotional growth as well as sexual fulfillment.

Trans Girl Seduction

It’s what we’re here for. Within the MI Eros Experience, you can freely indulge the many pleasures of TS allure. Each story has a memorable trans girl character for your naughty pleasures.

Trans Girl Seduction

So what are you waiting for?!

Dive in and have some fun!


About MI Eros….

The MI Eros Experience is all about trans girl seduction. My stories are full of trans futanari women and the male characters with whom they find sexual fulfillment.

Futa Dom | Male Sub | Versatile Futagirls | Unprotected Sex | Huge Cocks


Both “futa on futa” and “futa on female” have made their special guest appearances on occasion. But the vast majority of the Futa-licious Archive is “futa on male” satisfaction.

Welcome to the MI Eros Experience!