Upgraded Book Covers

Upgraded Book Covers

This is a revision of a prior post. The new cover below should be active on my main vendor’s site within 72 hours.

I’ve just upgraded five of my ebook covers. As I gain more experience in crafting what I want to see, I’m better able to make my covers stand out. The titles are the same, as well as the stories themselves. The only changes were the ebook covers. Look at the example below.

Old Cover

This title wasn’t getting the action it qualifies for. A big reason is the old cover didn’t really catch the eye of readers as well as the new one does. Taking this fact into account, this title will now be able to perform up to par with the others. A good story still needs a good cover in order to perform. I actually like the old one, but the new one catches more of the eye – it’s also considerably sexier.

Here are the five titles that received an ebook cover upgrade:

Bent Over Futa: Taking the Boss
Bursting: She’s Gotta Hide It
Futanari Mistress: She Gets What She Wants
Puckered: Because It Feels So Good
Rod of Correction: Because She’s Sooo Bad

Go ahead and check them out if you haven’t already. Enjoy!

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