Our Obsession With Futagirls – They Are the Best of Both Worlds

Our Obsession With Futagirls – They Are the Best of Both Worlds

Name Variations: Futa, Futanari, Futagirl

General Definition: A fictional character, generally a female, depicted with both male and female genitalia.

First off, this post speaks from the stand point of fantasy and imagination. If you are expecting a political correctness which hampers sexual fantasy and imaginative depth, you are in the wrong place.

Let’s face it. Despite some parts of the world supporting gay rights and respectfully acknowledging the LGBT community, society as a whole still suffers from heavily defined gender roles given the many, many years of social engineering we’ve all had to endure. Sex in itself is still a very sensitive topic of discussion because of this. Instead of it just being the naturally free phenomena that it is, sex has found its way into politics for the sake of having expressional limits placed upon it – let’s not forget how desecrated sex is via various forms of religion.

I’m not here to get all political or debate anyone about my views. However, I am aware that my own sexual references may at any time rub someone the wrong way (given the reasons above). If this is you, you have my compassion. Yet, you do not have my tolerating a society that is childish regardful of issues we should all be very mature about and nonjudgmental of. There is no guilt or shame here, nor should there be any within you.

Mindful of all the transgendered individuals out there, in no way do I mean you any harm. I mention this as I am also aware that transgendered individuals (transgendered women in particular) are easily comparable to the concept of a futagirl. Especially since futa is a word that can be used to erotically describe a woman who has the genitalia of a man.

While not all of you feel the same as the others, many of you (due to your position on your rights and your ability to be treated with respect – as we all as beings so deserve) may rather a more politically correct approach to matters such as these. The hyper-sexualization of futagirls may or may not bother you.

That being said, and for those of you who consider the above with an honest compassion for all, yet harbor within yourselves the preference of a certain kink that only futagirls can fulfill, futagirls as a form of eroticism can be a guilty pleasure – so delightfully taboo.

Well, here at MI Eros, futagirls are a fun and free favorite. Many of my erotic stories explore different types of men and women engaging their sexual appetites with them. Keep in mind that futagirls are fictional characters that are often utilized in visual and literary art.

My futagirls may be depicted with only dick, balls and ass. They are rarely, if ever, depicted with dick (no balls), pussy and ass. However, their best depiction (for obvious reasons) is with dick, balls, pussy (underneath the balls), and ass. And, let’s not forget their juicy voluptuous tits, yea!! These sexually gorgeous beings are always hot from every angle.

So, if you’re a guy or girl who likes both men and women, a girl who just like girls, or a guy who only likes women, but is willing to do a little something extra, futagirls have what it takes to satisfy your sexual fantasies as they are easily the best of both worlds. This has been an MI Eros point of view – Love the Life That You Are (Especially If It’s Sexy).

Remember, personal responsibility with your sexy is always a plus. 😉

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