My Futa Nymph Lover (Series Bundle)

My Futa Nymph Lover (Series Bundle)

M y   F u t a   N y m p h   L o v e r
S e r i e s   B u n d l e   ( B o o k s   1 - 3 )

This is a futagirl lesbian, gender swap feminization, trans-futanari erotica. Penni is a futa nymph with magical powers. She turns Kevin into a futanari as his punishment for peeping on her while she pleasured herself. She demands that he live as a futa and be her lover for three days before she changes him back into a man. This should be fun!

B o o k   1 :   H i s   T r a n n y   S u r p r i s e
Kevin is caught peeping on Penni, a futa nymph, as she is pleasuring herself. For his punishment, she changes him into a futanari and demands that he take her home with him and be her lover for three days. If he can fulfill her demands, she’ll change him back into a man.

B o o k   2 :   F u t a   o n   F u t a   L o v e   A f f a i r
Penni demands that Kevin, who is now Katie, take her to the amusement park. Kevin doesn’t want to be seen in public as a woman, and is still coming to terms with his sex change situation. Penni reminds him that he is futagirl Katie until their three days of being futa lovers are up.

B o o k   3 :   F u t a n a r i   M e e t s   t h e   P a r e n t s
Kevin was turned into a futanari by his lover, Penni the futa nymph. With his sexy and futa-licious body, Penni parades him around in front of his parents. However, due to Penni’s magic, no one has a clue that he’s not a female. To them, he’s always been their lovely daughter.