Magic Futa Panties: Sissified Feminization

Magic Futa Panties: Sissified Feminization

M a g i c   F u t a   P a n t i e s
S i s s i f i e d   F e m i n i z a t i o n

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This is a Male Dom futa sub, submissive ladyboy, gender swap feminization, trans-futanari erotica. Claude has a question for his friend, Michelle. Although she is a futa, she prefers to bottom during sex, which means she doesn’t use her futa’s glory on her lovers. Claude doesn’t understand why anyone with such a prize between their thighs wouldn’t want to use it in bed.

In attempts to help him understand the feminine sexual urges of a bottom, Michelle brings to Claude a peculiar pair of panties, which she convinces him to wear. As it was explained to Michelle, for the wearer of these panties, strong and feminine sexual urges will be brought to the surface. Claude trusts Michelle and agrees to put them on in order to temporarily feel what the hype of being a bottom is all about.

However, both Claude and Michelle are unaware that these panties have a magically potent side effect, transforming the wearer into a futanari who craves a dominant top. Claude becomes Claudia and is overwhelmed by her hormonal urges to mate, and asap in this tale of Magic Futa Panties!