Let’s talk Butts, because we love Butt

Let’s talk Butts, because we love Butt

Whether we admit it aloud or not, we all love a sexy ass. The butt is by far one of the most attractive parts of the body. The way the butt moves, its muscles expanding and contracting when a person walks, has the ability to hold us in hypnotic trance, arousing in us the desire to experience for ourselves the adorability of a juicy butt.

The butt’s curvy symmetry is also an eye catcher. It’s a natural phenomenon that as entities we prefer balance over imbalance. We express this preference all the time when choosing this or that, hot or cold, up or down, etc. The very fact that duality gives us a choice is pleasurable to our sense of free will, especially when we want both. With the butt, we need look no further. There’s a left and right butt cheek perfectly placed side by side for our viewing and fondling pleasure.

Asses, butts, whatever you call them, are a must have. We rub and caress on butts when we’re flirting and making out with someone. We kiss, squeeze, grip and spank on butts during foreplay and sex, and with some sexual positions, we grab ahold of our partner’s butt and hang on for dear life – woo hoo!

So, whether you like them big, juicy and round, or petite and firm, butts are more than welcome in MI Eros’ Hall of Erotica and a body part that sex wouldn’t be as fun without. This has been an MI Eros point of view. See you around! 😉

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