Imagination: An Artist’s Best-friend

Imagination: An Artist’s Best-friend

I don’t write – I imagine. My writing is merely an attempt to capture my imagination and emotion.

Although spoken from a writer’s perspective, the above statement holds true for any artist. Imagination is the beginning and end of all creation; manifestation. It already contains every masterpiece. All that is necessary is to go in there and bring it out.

Imagination may also serve as a cure for writer’s block. Stop thinking. When you’re thinking without using your imagination, you’re just getting in your own way. Imagination and thought are two different things. Thoughts are tools that must be properly guided for any good to come of them. Imagination is a more subtle, intuitive, innocent and divine aspect of your higher self.

Imagination will freely use thought to generate ideas and experience, but not if we’re too busy searching for thought ourselves. We don’t ever need to search for them, they are always around us. The key is to tap into our imagination and let it do all the work. Once it does, we only need to articulate it via writing, drawing or painting, singing, expressing it through a musical instrument, etc.

There is always something within the imagination, just let it freely run until it reaches a point of interest. Then, let it freely run upon that point of interest and it will effortlessly generate all the details of the artwork.

As far as procrastination is concerned, sit long enough within your imagination and you’ll be urged into action, seeking to articulate what your imagination contains and bringing it into the manifest world. This is especially true when it is something you don’t want to forget. In this way, you generate your own inspiration instead of waiting for inspiration to find you.

In closing, stop thinking about it so much and just make time to sit and tap into your most powerful ability as an artist – your imagination. This is a shout out to all the artists out there. Stay inspired and encouraged. 🙂

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