Holiday Pleasures & MI Eros

Holiday Pleasures & MI Eros

It’s that time of year again. You know that time of year, every year, where we experience back to back holidays. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are the major ones, but there are also others with which you may direct your attention.

During the holidays we are often, if not automatically, reminded of family and loved ones. For those of you with a special someone, now is usually a good time to create new memories or explore old ones that you’re fond of. Should any of those memory creation or memory refreshing experiences entail sex and sensuality, MI Eros can help. After all, this site is an expression of passionate erotica.

Should you ever find yourself browsing this site and/or reading this post, chances are high that there are stories here that you are sure to enjoy. Safely and responsibly make these stories a favorable part of the memories you’ll be creating and exploring this time of year. Sometimes, and I mean a lot of the times, Holiday Pleasures can help make Holiday Season more meaningful. For those of you with a special someone, you know what I mean.

Even if you happen to be alone, that’s no reason you can’t have fun by yourself. Gather up a few of your favorite stories and let your sexual fantasies run wild. If you’re really into it, you’ll find that you don’t need a partner to be satisfied. The power of sex and erotic energy is fulfilling in that way. We can engage it all by ourselves, or with our special someone. Cheers! 😊

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