(Excerpt) Women Love Futas, Too: Swapped and Popped by my BFF (Gender Swap Feminization)

(Excerpt) Women Love Futas, Too: Swapped and Popped by my BFF (Gender Swap Feminization)

…..She explains to me that Club Futa has gender transformation serums available upon request, and that she secretly put one of their male to female formulas into my tea last night. Upset that she’d do this to me, I question her on why she’d have a serum that changes someone from male to female, as she’s already a woman, and why she’d give such a serum to me.

Veronica then explains that she wanted to try out Club Futa’s female to futa serum so she could have sex with me. It’s a thought she’s entertained ever since I revealed to her that I’m attracted to futanari women. However, my being an all top in bed meant that she couldn’t use her futa’s glory on my sexy little man-butt. So, she decided to slip the male to female gender transformation serum into my tea so that I’d have no excuse for not wanting to accept her futa-cock.

“Don’t worry, Philip. The serums only last for about 24 hours. You’ll have your male body back in no time.”, Veronica assures.

Veronica, that’s not the point. You should have told me about this. You should have asked me.

“I know, I know. But, you would have just said no since you’re such a wanna-be macho man. Besides, we’ve had sex plenty of times. This will just be a way we can spice things up a bit.”, she says as she stands to her feet.

I didn’t notice it when she was sitting next to me. I wasn’t looking down at her body, despite how sexy and beautiful she is. I’m too upset that I’m now a woman, but as soon as she stands up, I see it. Her futa-cock is swelling and getting bigger underneath her night gown. I lose my words and begin to stare at it in surprise.

“That’s right. It’s awakening just for you, Philip. Or, how about we call you Felicia since you’re now a beautiful woman. How does that sound? Felicia is a fitting name, right?”, Veronica asks as she removes her night gown and gets completely naked in front of me.

Yeah. I guess. That sounds good.

I could barely register in my mind what she said. I’m too busy indulging the awe I now find myself in. Her futa-cock is huge, and beautiful. It’s bigger than mine was, and it’s calling out to me – calling out for my feminine embrace. Veronica, noticing my silent arousal at the sight of her futa’s glory, pulls me to my feet and slowly strips me of my clothes.

After getting me naked, she grabs me, pulling me closer to her and kisses me. I wrap my arms around her and welcome her into my warm embrace as I’ve fallen victim to her futa-licious allure. With our tongues in each other’s mouths and our soft and plump breasts mashed together, her futa-cock gently slides between my thighs and rubs against my engorged clit and purring pussy. Oh, god! I want her to fuck me! I gasp with her tongue still in my mouth.

“You feel that, don’t you? You want me to fuck you with it. You want to feel it inside your pussy so you can be my fuck-slut.”, Veronica softly, but firmly whispers in my ear.

Yes. Yes, I do.

My aching clit dances while my pussy yearns for her glorious futa-cock.

“I will, but first you’re gonna…..Want more? Follow the link.

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