(Excerpt) The Librarian: She’s Packing More Than Books

(Excerpt) The Librarian: She’s Packing More Than Books

…..We meet up later at the restaurant and order dinner. Somehow, I find it easier to talk to her. I guess now that we’re actually out on a date, I no longer feel the pressure to ask her out. I can just talk to her the way I always have, at least until she surprises me with a question about what Johnathan said yesterday.

“So, Ronald. Tell me, do you really have a dildo collection?”, Natalie asks.

Her face and tone are just as casual as the rest of our conversation. Is this a trick question? Why doesn’t she seem anxious to know? Why ask me so casually? Why ask me at all? Does she not realize that Johnathan was just teasing?

Nah… Johnathan is just a joker and thought it would be funny to tease me in front of you, that’s all.

“Hmm… That’s too bad. I actually have an appreciation for men who enjoy anal sex.”, she calmly replies.

Whaa? You mean men who like taking it in the butt?

“That’s exactly what I mean. Such men are not only courageous, they’re also so much fun.”, she responds, looking at me so casually.

Um… I guess you could say that. I mean… the courageous part, I guess. You know, because of how society may view them, you know?

Here I am fumbling my words again. She really caught me off guard with this one. I wonder why she likes such men. Interesting. I’ll have to ask.

“That’s right. With society being so close-minded, it takes a courageous man to embrace being sexually penetrated by another man, or woman.”, Natalie adds, having yet to remove her eyes from mine.

You mean, you like penetrating men during sex? Is that why you have such an appreciation for those types of men?

“Yes. That’s how I like it. Now, before you ask me anything else, I should tell you that I’m a transsexual woman, Ronald.”, Natalie says, revealing to me a secret I would have never guessed on my own.

Really!? You!? Wow! I had no idea!

“It’s alright if this makes you feel differently about me. I don’t always find a man who is comfortable with it, but when I do… Well… Let’s just say I don’t have a problem with showing my appreciation.”, Natalie replies.

This changes everything. I thought she was an average woman with a vagina, but she has a dick instead. Oh, wow! Being completely honest with myself right now, I am overjoyed and want to tell her the truth about me. I’ve only seen transsexual women in porn. I know she’s not a porn star, but this is perfect for me given my sexual experience. Can she keep a secret?

Natalie, I appreciate your honesty with me, and I’m sure that over time you’ve had your share of disappointments when having to reveal your truth. Your courage has inspired me and I’d like to reveal to you a truth about me, but I’m not as comfortable about my truth as you seem to be about yours. Will you keep it a secret for me?

“Well, you’re right. I’ve had to develop my own courage over the years and have thus become more comfortable when letting potential partners know about my sexuality. I’ll respect your privacy and keep your secret.”, Natalie politely answers.

I lied to you earlier when you asked me about my dildo collection. The truth is, I do have one and have been using them on myself for quite some time now, but I was too embarrassed to admit it. Johnathan doesn’t even know this much, he only caught me ordering one the other day, but I made up an excuse and… I think he bought it.

(Natalie gently giggles)

“So, that’s why he said what he said? How rude of him.”, she replies.

Tell me about it. I thought you’d stop talking to me for sure after that. I’m glad you didn’t.

“On the contrary, it’s what sparked my interest in you. I’ve noticed that you’ve been watching me, but I wasn’t willing to risk things becoming weird between us since you frequent my place of business. However, when your friend said what he said, that look on your face was a little too shameful for it to be a lie, if you don’t mind my saying so. I figured I’d ask you out and find out for myself.”, Natalie explains.

Wow, this all makes so much sense, now. It’s funny how we ended up here like this, revealing to each other our secrets. Natalie and I go on and enjoy the rest of our date. I didn’t go home with her, but we kissed each other good-bye. It was a moment, yes it was. We talked again on Sunday and awaited each other’s presence at the library on Monday.

As the usual, Johnathan and I head over to my favorite library after our classes. I only give him the details that keep my and Natalie’s secrets sacred. He’s proud of me and hopes Natalie and I become a pair. Hell, I do too.

At the library, we say our hellos, but I let her do her work. A while later she comes by my table and asks if I’d stay and close up with her. I agreed and hung behind as Johnathan and everyone else left for the night. We lock up and meet back at the table where I’ve placed my things.

“I saw you grading test papers. How did your students do today?”, Natalie asks. She remembered that I was to test my students today.

To be honest, they could have done better. I can tell that the lot of them shrug off their studies over the weekend, but they all passed… some of them just barely.

“Interesting. I was thinking. I’ve got a test for you as well, Ronald.”, Natalie says, looking seductively into my eyes.

Oh, really? What sort of test is it?

“I’d like to test you on how well you can enjoy yourself with me.”, she replies, sitting me on the edge of the table and kissing me, gracefully moving her tongue into my mouth.

We’re officially making out for the first time. I’m so excited. She removes my shirt, then I remove hers. Her bra squeezes her juicy tits together so tightly. I fondle them before removing her bra, and then fondle and kiss upon them some more. They’re so big and round. Just one of them fully fits into my hand…..Want more? Follow the link below.