(Excerpt) The Futa Next Door: Hittin’ the Futa Jackpot #2

(Excerpt) The Futa Next Door: Hittin’ the Futa Jackpot #2

…..So, how long have you been working at Club Futa?

“For about two and a half years. I’ve made more than enough money after my first year. I could have quit a long time ago, but I have fun there, and the money is still good.”, Kandy replies.

So, you could leave now if you wanted to?

“Yes, but I’d miss it. I’ve made a lot of friends there, from the other girls to some of the clients. I’ll quit one day and sell houses until I retire, but that’s not gonna be anytime soon.”, Kandy answers.

Sell houses? But, you’d only make decent money when dealing with high end, six figures or more, kinds of properties, right?

“You’re referring to the real estate agents who get a commission of the sales. I’m talking about becoming a real estate investor. That’s where the big money is if you do it right. I’ve got more than enough investment capital stashed away for whenever I actually decide to dive in.”, Kandy explains.

“I’ve been telling her not to wait, and just get started already, but she’s too busy having fun at the club.”, Celeste adds.

Well, it seems she has her plan in order. Real estate isn’t a business likely to dry out. There will always be someone out there looking to buy or rent a place to stay. I’m sure she’ll be fine.

“Thank you, sweetie. Celeste is just a worry wart sometimes. I guess she just doesn’t understand that making a lot of money can also be very fun and exciting.”, Kandy responds.

“Not if you want to keep your clothes on.”, Celeste replies, and we all laugh.

We continue to enjoy ourselves with one another as the sun goes down. Kandy and I make eye contact very often throughout the night. Her seduction is openly flirtatious and Celeste and I both take note. I think she’s attracted to me and wants to experience a taste of what Celeste has shared with her about me.

Kandy ends up calling Celeste into the kitchen and they leave me in the living room. They were gone for about five to ten minutes. I don’t know what they were discussing, but they return wearing flirtatious smiles. I don’t know what to think, but something is about to go down.

“James, sweetie. Have you ever had a threesome with futa women?”, Kandy asks as she sits next to me on the couch.

I’ve had threesomes before, but no, not with futa women.

“Would you like one?”, she asks, beginning to rub my leg.

Of course, I do. I look over at Celeste and she’s just smiling – no objections. I wonder what she’s thinking. Is she alright with me having sex with her friend? I know that she’ll be involved if it’s a threesome, but is she really alright with it?

I’m all for it if Celeste is alright with it.

Celeste comes and sits on the other side of me on the couch and softly runs her hand along the side of my face.

“It’s fine with me, baby. Let’s have some fun tonight.”, she says.

Alright. Let’s do this.

Celeste leans in and kisses me while Kandy plays with my dick. This is going to be fun. I’m glad I took a shower before coming over here. My body is fresh and ready for action. Kandy unzips my pants and pulls my swollen erection free from my boxer shorts. She strokes it as she sucks on my ear. I rub on Celeste’s juicy breasts until Kandy grabs my chin and pulls my face towards hers.

She shoves her tongue down my throat. I can tell she’s really into this and is really turned on. Celeste moves to her knees in front of me and pulls my pants down and takes them off. She starts sucking on my dick while Kandy and I make out on the couch…..Want more? Follow the link below.