(Excerpt) The Dominant Wife: He Submits to Her

(Excerpt) The Dominant Wife: He Submits to Her

…..Allowing her to take control and top me during sex awakened in me an awareness I didn’t have before. Prior to my being with Bridgette, you can say my relationships were the typical male and female role identification. I never even thought about being a bottom. So, when Bridgette came along, I questioned my sexuality – a lot.

Granted my knowing that she had a dick instead of a pussy, and given my willingness to continue with her, I still considered myself to be a heterosexual man. That changed when she fucked me for the first time. I mentioned how I didn’t expect to like being penetrated so much. The fact that I did, and do, must mean I’m not heterosexual at all… Bisexual, maybe, but I don’t find myself attracted to men in any way. That is for certain.

Yet, the pleasure I feel when there’s a dick in my ass is phenomenal. I like… No, I love being fucked in the ass. This is the awareness that awakened in me when Bridgette and I had sex for the first time. As we sit at the dining room table and eat together, I’m grateful for having met her. She’s the perfect woman for me. How else would I have come to discover so much of my sexuality? She helped me find a piece of myself I didn’t know existed.

“After you’re done with the dishes, go shower and report back to me in the living room. Make sure you’re in your birthday suit, bitch. No clothes.”, she commands in a stern voice.

Wow! Does this have anything to do with my big surprise?

“At the moment, you have no permission to ask any questions about my intentions for you and your body. Get started on the dishes. They won’t wash themselves.”, she says, staring me in the eyes.

Sure thing, babe. I’m on it.

Like the good submissive I’m expected to be, I do as I’m told. No questions. I wash, rinse, dry the dishes and put them away. I shower and bathe myself, thoroughly. My stomach churns the duration of my shower. Curiosity and suspense have me against the ropes, but I will not ask anything of my wife. I will merely do as I’m told and trust her as I always have. Entering the living room, she stops me from sitting down upon the couch.

“Don’t sit down just yet. Stand right here. Turn around. Bend over. And, spread ‘em.”, Bridgette commands, pointing her finger at the space directly in front of her.

I stand in front of her as she sits on the couch. I turn around, bend over, reach my hands back and grab both of my butt cheeks and spread them open for her. I feel so vulnerable.

“Yes. I love that beautiful little pucker of yours, all nestled in between the crack of your ass like that. Give me a wink.”, she says in a soft voice.

I squeeze my anal sphincter a few times, winking my puckering hole at her. Bridgette leans forward, grabs both of my spread butt cheeks and runs the girth of her tongue through my valley hidden in the deep. Shivers shoot up my spine and my knees buckle.

“No, no. Keep that ass right here in front of me. You do not have my permission to move.”, she demands with a soft, but stern voice.

Bridgette, the insatiable glutton, feasts upon my exposed man-cunt as if it were dessert. Every nerve ending open to the wetness of her tongue and heat from her breath and mouth screams in ecstasy. The pleasure has no end. There was nothing I could do to keep from moaning so loudly.

It’s times like these I’m glad we no longer live in an apartment, but have our own house. No neighbor has the chance to have revealed to them my state of humble submission. This very fact comforts me as I give into my wife, unrestrained in my surrender to her for the sake of her pleasure.

With one last swipe of the tongue through my crack and her puckering lips against my puckering hole with a kiss, she slaps me on my ass and grants me permission to sit upon the couch and await her return.

“Your ass is so delicious, Carl. And, I’ve got it all to myself.”, she says, standing to her feet. “Go ahead and sit down, now. Watch whatever you want to watch on TV until I get back. But, stay on the couch.”

Yes, ma’am. I’ll be right here, babe.

Oh, my god. My wife is intense. This Domination and submission thing puts quite the twist on things. I don’t know what to expect. She’ll say things, and do things that make me want to know what’s next. But, she’ll tell me not to ask questions. My anticipation is ferocious. Was that her big surprise for me? Was it just something she wanted to do for herself? Where is she going?… To take a shower? I do hear the water running. Come on. Just relax, Carl. What’s on TV?

Flicking through the channels I find the game and settle upon it. I watch a few plays and manage to get my mind off things. Losing track of time, I jump due to being startled when Bridgette calls out to me from the other room. She’s on her way back.

“Ohh, Caaarrl! There’s something I want you to do for me!”, Bridgette yells. I don’t see it yet, but I can tell she’s smiling. I can hear it in her voice.

“Yes, dear!”, I respond as she walks into the living room completely naked and with a hard on.

“I want you to place both knees on the seat of the couch and bend over so I can fuck you from behind.”, she eagerly commands.

Yes! This is what I’ve wanted ever since she hinted at it before dinner. This is my big surprise, and how big it is! I position myself as she instructs. With my knees in place, I rest my forearms on the back of the couch. Butterflies devour me as she approaches. My stomach still knots up when she looks at me. You’d think I’d be over responding this way after having been with her for so long, but no.

Whenever she touches me, my blood accelerates through my veins. Her beauty paralyzes me when I’m looking upon her naked body. She engulfs me in her fiery passion and I am consumed by this erotic enigma of a woman, Bridgette.

She smooths her hands up and down my back – her lips follow. She lubes our lower regions and wraps her arms around me, holding me in seductive clutch…..Want more? Follow the link below.