(Excerpt) Takin’ It DEEP! Feminized by the Futa Alpha

(Excerpt) Takin’ It DEEP! Feminized by the Futa Alpha

…..“How about this for a solution? We meet up on the track and run a mile together. Whoever finishes with the best time gets to top the other in bed for a whole month without reciprocation.”, she proposes.

This almost seems too good to be true. I run two miles twice a week and my time is pretty damn good. I can run a mile in under seven minutes. I’ll take that bet.

So, if I win, you’ll bottom for me for a whole month without expecting me to bottom for you?

“That’s right. I swear to make myself available for sex with you at least once a week, and you can cum inside my ass as much as you want.”, Cassie answers. Man, she’s really laying it on.

Okay, and what about when the month ends?

“When the month ends, if you still want to fuck me, you’ll have to let me fuck you as well. So, if you win, this’ll be your fucking for free ticket for a whole month.”, she says.

Alright! You’re on!

“Before agreeing to this wager, you should make sure you are prepared to bottom for me for a whole month should you lose. I don’t want any excuses or any backing out. Honor your word if you’re really going through with this.”, Cassie adds.

I give you my word of honor that I’ll do as this wager stipulates. If, and I mean if I lose, I’ll be your bottom for a whole month. I swear. But, I’m not gonna lose! So, get ready to give me what I want, baby!

“Well, since you’re so confident, why don’t we up the wager? If I win, not only do you have to be my bottom for a month, but you also have to wear panties whenever we go on a date, and whenever you come to bed with me.”, Cassie responds.

And, if I win, not only are you my bottom for a month, but you’ll be my bottom during sex anytime thereafter, and I never have to bottom for you, not even once.

“Alright. We have a deal.”, she confirms and agrees.

I’m not worried about losing to her. My best time at running a mile is 6:34. For the past two weeks, it’s been between 6:38 and 6:47. I’m good for the win. I don’t know anybody who can beat that run time. Cassie and I agree to meet each other tomorrow afternoon at the track. Eric and Liz meet us there as well. They are here to count our laps and keep the time.

Four laps make one mile. When we begin, I take the early lead, but Cassie is not too far behind. I maintain the lead for the first two laps, but she manages to pass me on the third. Where is she getting this burst of energy from? I’m doing pretty good with my own time. I can finish this mile somewhere around 6 minutes and 40 seconds.

I try catching her on the last lap, but I can’t. She finishes with a time of 6:12. Although I push myself and finish at 6:29, which is my best time yet, I’ve lost our wager. She looks at me and smiles. Without saying anything, I know exactly what she’s thinking. Eric and Liz have no clue of our wager. They just think it’s a friendly competition. After catching our breaths, Cassie walks up to me.

“I have a pair of panties waiting for you in my car. Meet me there.”, she says.

When I get there, I ask her how the hell she beat my time. She told me that her best time at running a mile is 5:58. She runs a six-minute mile. My jaw drops. Running a mile in six minutes has been my goal for over a year. When I first started, it was a little under twelve minutes. I slowly worked it down to where it is now. In just a couple of more months, I would’ve been able to beat her.

I take the panties Cassie gives me and we set a date for the following Friday night. This gives me a whole week to prepare my mind for my month of being her bottom. On the big night, I put on those panties Cassie gave me and hurry to put on my pants. I don’t want to see them. It’s bad enough I’ll feel them on my crotch for the rest of the night.

I pick her up from her place and we go see a movie. We skip the restaurant because she doesn’t want me to eat anything. After the movie, we go back to my place. Cassie wastes no time in getting to the point. She begins making out with me as soon as I close the door.

She jumps into my arms, wraps her arms around my neck and clasps onto her purse. I hold her in my arms and squeeze on her juicy ass. We kiss as if we’re breathing life into each other while I carry her to my bedroom.

When we get there, I set her down and turn on the lights. I want to see her sexy bootylicious body while fully naked. We remove our own clothes while watching each other. The sexual tension builds as we both anticipate what we’ll do with each other’s naked bodies.

Taking off my pants, I forgot I had on these panties, which makes me remember that I’m going to be bottoming for her. I was so caught up in my attraction to her and how she turns me on, it slipped my mind.

“Those panties look good on you. Do they make you feel sexy?”, Cassie asks with a smile…..Want more? Follow the link below.