(Excerpt) Sissy Loves the Scent of a Woman: Sissy Feminization Trials #3

(Excerpt) Sissy Loves the Scent of a Woman: Sissy Feminization Trials #3

…..“So, Rachel. Please forgive my being direct, but are you transgendered?”, Brad asks me.

No… Uh… Actually, I’m…

I hesitate to say that I’m a guy because my wife wants me to play along. However, it’s obvious that I’m not a woman, so it makes sense that Brad would ask if I was transgendered given how I’m dressed.

“It’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with being transgendered. I actually like transgendered women.”, Brad says, looking at me as if I were a piece of meat.

I begin to blush from being caught off guard. I’m also ashamed at myself because as he looks at me that way, I instinctively clinch my anal sphincter at the thought of being fucked by him. I’ve only recently began taking it up the ass and it surprises me how much I like it. Aside from that, I’m currently questioning my manhood because I’d actually be willing to bend over and let Brad fuck me if my wife really wants me to.

This is a scary moment for me as I acknowledge to myself that I love being fucked and dominated in bed. It’s true that I only want it to be my wife, but if she wants to watch as someone else fucks me in the ass, I’d do it and enjoy myself for her sake. However, I hope it doesn’t come to that, but things don’t look so good. Michelle just got Jon’s phone number and tells them that we might actually give them a call. Then, they say good-bye and walk away, Brad turning around and giving me a sexy wink…..

(Fast Forward)

…..She follows me and removes her clothing as well. Since I already know the routine, as soon as I’m undressed, I place myself on all fours upon the bed and wait for my wife’s presence behind me. I wasn’t thinking clearly because I left the wig on my head and was soon told to take it off.

“Roland, dear. I said to remove everything but the make-up and pantyhose. That goes for the wig as well, sweetie.”, Michelle says in a calm voice.

Yes, dear. My apologies.

“Not to worry. I have something else of a feminine nature that you’ll be wearing upon your head tonight.”, she says as she places her panties over my face.

She situates them over my face so that the waist-line wraps around the top of my head and underneath my chin. The crotch stretches horizontally across my nose. How clever of my dear wife? While she played with her pussy on our way home, her erotic juices soaked into the crotch of her panties along with her feminine scent.

I’m immediately reminded of the way I felt for her this morning. Her scent within my nose triggers my manly hormones into action. My dick becomes erect and all I can think of is how good it’s going to feel to fuck my wife again. However, soon after my dick gets hard, my ass gets wet as Michelle applies the lube. Shortly after her fingers massage and relax my anal sphincter, I become the biggest sissy as I surrender to the huge futa-cock making its way into my man-cunt.

I accept more and more of Michelle’s futa-cock into my ass and become more and more of a sissy while she fucks me. Meanwhile, my dick loses its erection and becomes flaccid. Her feminine scent is still a turn-on, but inversely. Since I’ve embraced the role of a sissy for the time being, Michelle’s feminine scent is no longer arousing my manly prowess. Her erotic and feminine scent is now encouraging within me a more feminine expression.

As she fucks my feminine man-cunt, I accept and embrace the role of a submissive sissy, allowing the feminine energy within me to be the predominant expression…..Want more? Follow the link.