(Excerpt) Rod of Correction: Because She’s Sooo Bad

(Excerpt) Rod of Correction: Because She’s Sooo Bad

“Yes. That shower is exactly what I needed to relax.”, Selene thinks to herself as she steps out of the bathroom.

It’s been a long day for her as she finished a painting she’d been working on the past few days. Her and Rachelle are preparing to show their work at an art exhibition this Friday, which is a few days away.

Selene is a painter; Rachelle is a photographer. The two ladies met each other at a park Selene frequents for inspiration. She was sitting on a park bench by the pond when she noticed Rachelle snapping pictures of a flower bed nearby. It was her first time seeing Rachelle; this attractive slim and sexy woman with shoulder length silky black hair and a camera immediately brought a smile to her face. Selene introduced herself. Shortly after, they began to date and fell in love.

“So, how much will the space cost us for the night?”, Rachelle asks the landlord of the building in which they’ll being hosting their art exhibit.

Selene walks up, stands in the doorway and stares at her beautiful girlfriend. Selene has been a lesbian for quite some time and has had two prior relationships with women. This time, however, it’s a little different. Rachelle is a woman, but a woman with a big dick between her legs. At first, Selene didn’t know how to respond when Rachelle first told her. She was almost questioning her sexuality for being attracted to a woman who has a dick instead of a pussy.

Yet, over time Selene has grown more comfortable with how she feels about herself and still considers herself to be a lesbian. However, she loves the fact that her girlfriend has a dick. To Selene, it’s the best of both worlds to be with someone who has the genitalia of a man, but the body of a beautiful woman.

Rachelle catches Selene staring at her and the two smile at each other. She knows Selene is in a sexy mood given the revealing nightgown she chose to put on and the way she’s standing in the doorway. However, Rachelle must remain focused as she is still conducting business with the landlord of the building they are renting for their art exhibit.

“Not right now. I’m almost done.”, Rachelle tells Selene while covering the phone so that the landlord didn’t her – an anxious Selene waits in anticipation.

Aside from the business they’re attending with Selene’s paintings and Rachelle’s photography, the two ladies are trying something new in their relationship to spice things up a bit. They recently watched a movie together which introduced the two of them to the D/s (Domination & submission) lifestyle and Selene wanted to give it a try. She likes being dominated by someone she can trust and volunteers herself to be Rachelle’s sub (submissive). A willing Rachelle agreed to being the Dom (Dominant) and they’ve since built quite a mutually favorable, but mild, D/s relationship together.

Unlike Selene, Rachelle is a bisexual woman who has been in relationships with both women and men. In these relationships, she’s given and received anal sex. In fact, anal sex is a major part of her sex life and she loves the way an asshole feels wrapped around her throbbing cock. The problem is Selene doesn’t do anal, but she likes the idea of popping Selene’s ass cherry.

A Dom must discipline their sub. That’s one of the mutually consensual aspects of a D/s relationship. Lately, Rachelle has been pondering upon integrating anal sex into their relationship via it being a disciplinary action for when Selene is being a bad girl. Tonight presented an opportunity for her to do just that.

“Okay. (pause) Yes, I understand.”, Rachelle responds as the landlord makes her aware of the guidelines the ladies must follow throughout the duration of their time in the building.

Selene, unable to wait any longer, approaches Rachelle’s work desk. When she gets there, she stands in front of and seduces Rachelle with her body movements, slowly raising her nightgown up her leg and softly caressing upon her inner thigh.

“Arh-hrm!”, Rachelle clears her throat and is shaking her head from side to side at Selene, telling her no.

Selene pouts, poking out her bottom lip. She then drops to her knees and begins kissing her way up Rachelle’s inner thigh. Rachelle had already taken a shower and smelled delicious. She wore a long t-shirt and panties; nothing more. Her phone call with the landlord was her last dealing of business for the day before she became fully available.

With Selene’s warm mouth grazing against her rapidly swelling cock and her hands reaching to pull her panties from her waist, Rachelle gives in to her urge to be sexually satisfied. She leans back in her chair and lifts her hips so Selene can easily remove her panties. She then lifts her t-shirt to her belly and watches as Selene goes to town on her throbbing cock meat.

“Oh, how dare you put me in this position. You see I’m still on the phone. This deserves a punishment.”, Rachelle thinks to herself as she holds her moans of pleasure to herself.

“Yes, I’ve got it. And, I’ll be sure to let you know when we’re done. (pause) Okay, you too. Take care.”, Rachelle anxiously says as she finishes her phone call with the landlord. Looking down at Selene, she says, “Aren’t you a bad girl. You could’ve waited ‘til I got off the phone. What if they heard me moaning? Oh, my! What if they heard the sounds of your suckling upon my cock?”

“Mmm… I’m sorry, baby. I just couldn’t wait anymore. Seeing you sitting here in your t-shirt and panties, conducting business on the phone, it just got me so hot. I had to have you.”, Selene says, a thin rope of drool stretching from her mouth to Rachelle’s tip.

“Come here. Sit up here… Right in front of me.”, Rachelle says, wiping Selene’s mouth and clearing her folder of photos from her desk.

An already pantiless Selene places her yearning cunt on the edge of the work desk and leans back as Rachelle gropes her tender breasts and slides her hands down to spread her thighs…..Want more? Follow the link.