(Excerpt) Puckered: Because It Feels So Good

(Excerpt) Puckered: Because It Feels So Good

…..Finishing off their meal, they take the time to share some relevant details about themselves. “I’m transgendered, by the way. That’s something I make sure to let all of my dates know before we move any further.”, Roxie informs.

“That’s fine. I’ve rode the waves with transgendered women before, if you know what I mean?”, Travis answers as he seductively raises one of his eyebrows.

“Oh. Well, then. I guess we can proceed, huh?”, Roxie replies.

It makes her more comfortable being with a man who has a certain familiarity with transgendered women. It saves a lot of time as you can skip past all the delicate moments of someone trying to wrap their minds around the concept of something new. Travis, on the other hand, is thrilled.

“So, let me ask you this. Are you a top or a bottom?”, he asks.

“I’m a bottom. I mean… I’ve topped before, and I don’t mind topping if my partner wants me to, but I prefer being the bottom.”, Roxie answers.

“You know what, sweet lady? That’s understandably lovely.”, Travis responds.

Travis loves fucking women in the ass as he often finds that an asshole squeezes much tighter around his dick than a pussy. Thus, he makes it a point to seek out women who enjoy anal sex. He had no idea that Roxie was into anal, or transgendered. The fact that she is just so happens to be a plus.

As they conclude their date for the evening, Travis walks Roxie back to her cabin. Acting upon the sexual chemistry that has stirred between them, they begin making out right outside of her cabin door. While pressed against each other, Roxie is able to feel his huge cock growing underneath his shorts. She’s amazed at how big Travis is as his cock just kept on growing.

“Wow, how big is he?”, she thinks to herself, remembering and being thankful that she brought along the 8-inch dildo which she has yet to play with.

“Mmm… Wait…Wait.”, Roxie interrupts, reluctantly pulling away from her sexually anxious stud.

“What? Is it too soon?”, Travis asks, looking upon her with sweet puppy dog eyes.

It kills her to turn him away, but she already knows that his dick is too big for her right now. At the immediate moment, it is her primary intention to prepare herself for his size as she has never been with so big a man before.

“Um…just a little. I really want to, but…”, Roxie sadly pauses.

“It’s okay, sugar plum. We still have a couple more days, right?”, Travis asks, softly holding her hand in his.

“Yes, we sure do. Um…will I see you again tomorrow?”, Roxie asks, hoping this doesn’t ruin her chances with him.

“You bet. I’ll give you a holler sometime tomorrow. You have a good night.”, Travis says.

“Alright. And, Travis. I’m having fun with you.”, Roxie says, innocently gazing into his eyes. He kisses her once more before watching her disappear behind her cabin door.

Roxie is so upset with herself. She wishes that she had already gotten herself used to the length and girth of that 8-inch dildo she brought. If she had, she’d be rolling around under the covers with Travis by now.

“Alright! It’s time to go to work!”, Roxie says as she pulls out the 6 and 8-inch dildos she brought with her.

She gets herself naked, grabs the lube and dives upon the bed as she is intent on widening the spread of her asshole and mouth…..Want more? Follow the link below.