(Excerpt) Magic Futa Panties: Sissified Feminization

(Excerpt) Magic Futa Panties: Sissified Feminization

…..my urges to be with him take control, and although a little embarrassed, I ask if he’s willing to come back to my place where we can be alone. He blushes a little as I must have caught him off guard, and Michelle gasps as she knows how strongly I’m feeling about being someone’s bottom. She and Katherine encourage Andy and I to have a good time, and they giggle with one another as he grabs my hand and leads me to his car.

The drive to my place is so intense. I’m giving him directions, all the while fighting my desire to grab his cock while he’s driving. I want to feel how big it is. I’m even thinking about sucking it. I want to lean over and kiss along his ear and neck, making my way down to his lap, undoing his pants and taking him into my mouth while he’s driving. My mouth is watering just thinking about it, but I manage to hold back just enough until we get to my place.

Not able to fight my animalistic urges anymore, I pounce on Andy as soon as we enter my house. Oh, Andy!, I say as I grab him around his neck and pull his mouth towards mine.

“Whoa…hehe!”, he says, laughing in surprise a little before locking his tongue onto mine.

I’m burning so hot for him right now. These feminine urges are so strong that I can hardly think straight. I just want him to fuck my brains out. Wow! These thoughts are so not like me. I’m usually only this turned on by women, but ever since wearing these magic panties for the first time, I’ve wanted to be taken by a lover who’d own me with their cock.

If I wasn’t in this futa-body, I’d be so gay right now. Everything about Andy has me on fire, and all I want is to be naked and sexy with him as he has his way with me. I’m so excited by how he’s touching and groping on my body parts as we kiss. Andy eventually picks me up into his arms and carries me to my bedroom.

“Alright, baby! I can feel you! I’ll give it to you like you want it. I see there’s no need for me to hold back, huh?”, Andy says, taking note of the intensity of my passion.

I helplessly stand in place after he puts me down and tears my clothes from my yearning body. The man in me would have felt violated, but the feminine energy in me has me thrilled…..Want more? Follow the link.

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