(Excerpt) In Her Body: Turned into a Woman Who Craves Futa Meat (Gender Swap Feminization)

(Excerpt) In Her Body: Turned into a Woman Who Craves Futa Meat (Gender Swap Feminization)

…..“So, what was that you said yesterday? It went something like, if you were a woman, it wouldn’t make you gay to play with my futa-cock.”, Erica insistently brings to my memory.

How could you think about that at a time like this? Look at me. Please, change me back, Erica!

“But, this is the perfect time to discuss this. You know that you’re attracted to me, but you’re too afraid of having sex with me as a guy. Now that you’re a woman, it should no longer matter.”, Erica responds, approaching me and softly running here fingers up my arm.

As soon as she does, two things happen. One, I recall our conversation on yesterday and admit to myself that since I’m now in a woman’s body, it wouldn’t make me gay to play with her futa-cock. The second thing that happens is my body begins to respond to her presence. My feminine needs urge me to release myself into Erica’s grasp, allowing her to have her way with me. My thoughts of accepting her futa-cock into my yearning cunt noticeably changes my demeanor in front of her.

“So, let’s just allow ourselves to finally explore this sexual attraction that has been stirring between us.”, she says, placing her hands on both sides of my face and pulling my lips towards hers.

As she begins to kiss me, I want to stop her and back away so we can finish our conversation, but my body won’t let me. It wants to be touched by someone else’s hands. It wants to be caressed, fondled and groped. It wants to be devoured and penetrated in a way the only someone else can do for me. Right now, that someone is Erica, and I can’t help but give into her sexual advances.

We make out as we slowly make our way to my bedroom. My bed is already prepared for our passion, with the sheets still pulled back as I didn’t make it this morning. Feeling her this close to my body, my sexual arousal has taken complete control of me, and I begin to remove her clothes so that she can join me in being naked. She’s already removed my t-shirt and is admiring my body with her mouth and hands.

“You see this, Janine? Do you see how hard my cock is for you?”, Erica softly says after she steps out of her pants.


“That’s right. I’m giving you the name of Janine for as long as you’re a woman. It’s a sexy name, don’t you think?”, she responds, softly caressing and kissing upon my tender tits.

Janine sounds like a really sexy name to me. To be called by such a sexy female name makes me even hornier as I accept this body and embrace being a woman in this moment. As she lies me down upon the bed, her attention to my breasts send tingling sensations down my belly and into my purring engorgement. My clitoris is on fire and is begging to feel Erica’s mouth against it.

Oh, Erica! Eat my pussy! I want to know what it feels like! Please!

“I’ve got you hot, haven’t I? OK. I’m hungry for your love, anyways.”, she softly responds as she makes her way down my ticklish belly.

I gasp and moan in anticipation, but when her mouth finally reaches my clit, I lose all composure…..Want more? Follow the link.

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