(Excerpt) Futa Meat: Between Those Buns

(Excerpt) Futa Meat: Between Those Buns

…..So, how about that dinner I owe you?

“I thought you’d never ask. I’m ready when you are, sweetie.”, Martha answers.

Sweetie, she says. Now that we no longer need to concern ourselves with formalities, we can both get a little more personal, and I approve. She shows me the nice and cozy restaurant she mentioned the other night. I like it, she’s got good taste. However, she ends up catching me off guard before our night ends.

“So, Gabe. What do you think about futanari women?”, Martha casually asks, looking at me very attentively.

Wha? Is that a trick question or something? What do you mean?

“It’s not a trick question at all. I seriously want to know. Have you ever been with a futa?”, she asks.

Actually, I have, but I don’t want to tell her that. A friend of mine, Paul, introduced me to Futas Anonymous Sexcorts a while back, and… Let’s just say that I’ve been enjoying myself. These sexy ladies have introduced me to a new world of sexual expression and pleasure, but why is Martha asking me about futanari women? Could she be one, herself?

A friend of mine seems to be fond of futanari women, but I haven’t been with any myself. How about you? Do you like futa women? I hear they are the best of both worlds.

“That’s because we are the best of both worlds.”, Martha confidently responds. “I’m a futanari woman, Gabe, and I want to know whether or not you’ve had prior experience with us.”

Uh… Well… Um… Like I said, a friend of mine likes futas, and he tells me about them all the time.

“Does he? How does it make you feel when you’re listening to his stories?”, she asks as she runs her toes up and down my leg.

Uh… How does it make me feel? Uh… I don’t know.

She’s got me on the spot and I feel embarrassed. For one thing, I don’t like lying to her about not having any experience with futas, but I’ve never told anyone other than Paul, and he’s just as secretive about his dealings with futas as I am. I know I should be more willing to tell Martha that I’m pleased with her sexuality, but with the futas I’m used to, anonymity is a part of the business model.

“When your friend is sharing his stories of futas with you, do you ever develop curiosities of your own?”, Martha insistently asks, continuing to run her toes up and down my leg.

Um… Well, I kind of wonder how they do it, but… I mean… I don’t know. It’s cool, I guess.

“Do you still find me to be attractive?”, she asks, looking at me with such a charming pair of eyes.

Well, yeah. I’m still attracted to you.

“Really? And, what if I told you that I like bending my men over and giving it to them, hard!? What if I told you that the longer they make me wait, the harder I give it to them?”, Martha asks, raising one of her eyebrows at me…..Want more? Follow the link.