(Excerpt) Futa Domme: Alpha Male Feminization

(Excerpt) Futa Domme: Alpha Male Feminization

…..I’m so relieved when dinner is done and we’re finally able to sit down. These high heels are so uncomfortable. I don’t see how women wear them all day, and these panties, ouch! They’re really riding my crotch. It helps a little when I’m sitting and not moving around.

After dinner, Alexis has me join her in her living room. She makes me watch chick flicks with her. You know those girly movies that are so dramatic and emotional that it seems over-done? I swear, if I see one more movie where the guy is cheating on his wife and is depicted as insensitive, I’m going to throw up.

This whole charade so far has been a ploy for me to get in tune with my feminine side. Other than the humiliation and shame I feel for having to dress as a woman, I’m still as masculine as ever. However, that is all about to change. The last movie she wanted to watch has just ended. Alexis gets up and turns her stereo on to play one of her favorite playlists.

“Now, the fun is about to begin. Get up and dance for me, sissy-boy.”, Alexis commands as she sits back upon the couch.

Dance? Dressed in this?

“Don’t get the wrong idea. You’re not dancing as a man. You’re dancing as a woman. Now, get up and work that ass, bitch!”, her stern voice rings throughout her apartment.

The excuses I make in attempts to get out of having to dance for her are futile. After reminding me of the most recent photos she has of me while wearing this dress, I spring to my feet, tripping over the heels of my shoes and stumbling to the middle of her living room. I was barely able to keep from falling over.

Alexis just laughs at me while I catch my balance and begin to move awkwardly to the music. After a few moments of being not so sexy, Alexis, annoyed with me, gets up and shows me how to move my body in a feminine sexy type of way. She demands my cooperation in order for me to satisfy her desire.

Completely ashamed at myself, I give in and surrender my body to the feminine movements and motions as commanded. Alexis eventually sits down and watches. She occasionally licks her lips, which hints that I’m turning her on. This is confirmed when I turn around and shake my ass for her.

“Whoo hoo! Yea, baby! Shake that ass!”, she shouts, as chills shoot up my spine from being so humiliated. “Come here, baby! Back that ass up and give me a lap dance!”, she adds.

Doing as I’m told, I work my way backwards and onto her lap. I lose the coordination I’d developed earlier, but I manage to keep enough rhythm with the music as I move my ass around on her lap. Her dick soon gets hard, and I begin to feel it rubbing up against my butt.

It’s huge, and Alexis gets so hard that I can feel her cock mashing between my butt cheeks. If it weren’t for our panties, this violation of my ass would be so much worse. Wrapping her arms around my waist, she caresses my stomach, thighs and dick. After getting my cock rock-hard, she makes it a point to ruin any thoughts I have of using it on her.

“Well, it seems you like being my sissy-boy. Your dick is quite hard right now, but don’t get the idea that you’ll be doing anything with it tonight. It’s your mouth and ass that I want, bitch.”, Alexis says, squeezing my aching cock in her hand.

Damn it! She wants to go all the way with me like this. At least, that’s the impression she just gave me. I don’t want to get fucked in the ass, but I can’t handle the thought of my friends seeing me wear this dress, either. I have no choice. Alexis has me right where she wants me, and wow, she’s such a tease… squeezing on my cock like this. She won’t even stroke it. She’s just holding it while she mashes her futa dick between my butt cheeks. This is such a role reversal.

“Oh, yes baby! You’ve really got my dick hard for you right now. How ’bout getting on your knees and sucking it for me?”, Alexis asks.

I really don’t want to, but I have no other choice. I’ve already humiliated myself beyond the point of no return. Having dressed up this much as a woman and dancing for her, there’s no coming back from that. My only consolation is that Alexis promises to keep her word and delete those embarrassing photos of me. Well, here goes.

I’ve never sucked a dick before. So, please don’t hold it against me.

“Tonight isn’t about how good you are in a woman’s shoes. It’s about you gaining the experience that we all have to go through with you men. As selfish and insensitive as you are towards the women you toy around with, this is you learning your lesson. Now, get on your knees and suck my dick, bitch!”, she sternly commands after reminding me of why she’s doing this to me.

I slowly caress her thighs and begin to pull down her panties. Her huge futa cock is still hard and already stretching off to one side. As I grab and hold it in my hands…..Want more? Follow the link.