(Excerpt) Bursting: She’s Gotta Hide It

(Excerpt) Bursting: She’s Gotta Hide It

…..“Yeah, but, I’ve never been with a shemale… I mean, futanari, before. But, you’re still so beautiful and I can’t help but think that this conversation is good for us.”, Stefan replies, thinking to himself that he’ll just have to fuck her in the ass, instead.

However, he’s been affected by her pheromones again this entire time and it’s not his dick that’s doing the talking. His very own ass is starting to tingle and he doesn’t know why. He’s actually trying to ignore it as he gives his attention to Tamela so that he can understand what’s going on.

“There’s one more thing I must discuss with you, Stefan.”, Tamela warns.

“Good news, I hope.”, Stefan replies.

“Yea, it can be. It all depends on how well you take it.”, Tamela answers.

“What do you mean? What is it?”, he asks as the tingly sensation in his ass grows more noticeable, “Is my asshole gyrating?”, Stefan quietly asks himself.

“Listen, Stefan. We futanari are a sexual and sexually open race, but mostly amongst ourselves as we rarely reveal ourselves to the rest of the world. Also, we naturally exude a pheromone that sexually arouses those around us, inciting in them the desire to fulfill the sexual role we seek to entertain.”, Tamela explains, pausing as she waits for a response.

“I knew it! Well, not that in particular. But, I knew there was something different about my attraction to you. I haven’t been myself around you since we met. It’s almost as if I’m… Wait. What was that you said about sexual roles, again?”, Stefan asks, finally making sense of why he’s been so passive, not taking control and also, hinting at why his asshole is tingling so intensely.

“Simply put, our pheromones induce in our partner the complementing sexual role to our own. What you’re feeling right now is the sexual energy I desire to entertain with you, Stefan.”, Tamela says with an enchantingly seductive look in her eyes.

“So, you want to entertain my bottom? You want us to reverse roles? Is that it?”, Stefan asks, fearing what he already knows to be true. Should he go through with this sexual encounter, he’ll be the one getting his ass fucked tonight.

“Well, to be honest, my role wouldn’t be reversed at all. I’m a top where I’m from. I bottom on occasion when I’m overwhelmed by the desire to do so, but I’m accustomed to being the aggressor in bed, Stefan. I’ll be gentle with you. And, remember, this is all a big secret that you swore to tell no one about.”, Tamela says as she makes her way onto her knees and crawls toward her soon to be butt-bitch.

Stefan freezes as she reaches his welcoming mouth. He was already lying down as they spoke. She had him right where she wanted him. Overwhelmed by his desire to fulfill her…..Want more? Follow the link below.