(Excerpt) Bent Over Futa: Taking the Boss

(Excerpt) Bent Over Futa: Taking the Boss

…..Max notices that Anita is flirting with him, but doesn’t want to be seen fraternizing with her in front of the other employees. He doesn’t want to give her the cold shoulder either, so he invites her into his office and closes the door whenever he wants to talk with her. They both flirt with each other a little more comfortably this way.

The following day, Max asks Anita to get him a cup of coffee. When making her way to the break room, Mark asks if she could bring him a cup as well.

“Sorry Mark. Mr. Jones tells me that you’ll have to get your own coffee. Sorry.”, Anita says before scurrying along.

Jerome, another insurance rep, looks over at Mark and says, “You don’t get to enjoy the perks of being the boss. She is Max’s secretary, bro.” He laughs and Mindy snickers under her breath.

“Can it, Jerome. Max is just being selfish and you know it.”, Mark replies before looking back into his computer monitor. Everyone proceeds as usual.

At the end of each work day, Anita is always the last to leave as she has to record and consolidate the files of the day’s work before going home. Max is always the next to last person to leave. That used to be his job before he hired her. He hates leaving her there without anyone to talk to, but it is her job. He makes it a point to say something nice to her before heading out. They give each other a smile before he walks out the door, and a bright smile when they see each other the next day. This pattern continues all week.

Friday evening approaches, all the insurance reps have gone for the day. Anita still has work to do before closing and going home. Max heads out, but stops to check on her.

“So, have you enjoyed your first week with us?”, Max asks, standing along the side of Anita’s desk.

“Yes, I have. The people here make me feel welcome, and they’re so nice to me. I enjoy the work as well. It’s tedious work, but it keeps me focused and I like that.”, Anita answers, wearing a smile.

“Yeah, well, you’re right about it being tedious. Like I said before, it is work I had to do every day after business hours. That, along with my other duties, the hours really took their toll on me.”, Max replies.

“Well, Mr. ‘J’, rest assured. I’ll take care of the recording and consolidating for you.”, Anita says, still wearing that beautiful smile.

“Yeah, I’m glad you’re here, Anita. I mean… Ms. Harolds. Your work is very efficient.”, Max answers. He looks into her eyes and smiles.

Anita stands to her feet, walks over to Max and runs a finger from the top of his chest to the mid-point of his belly. She wants to know if he really wants her as much as she wants him. She looks into his eyes – he takes a deep breath.

“You can call me Anita, Mr. Jones. I don’t mind.”, she says, making herself available for him to take her.

“And, you can call me Max… when we’re alone, of course.”, Max answers, grabbing her around her waist and pulling her closer.

They begin to kiss and embrace each other, releasing the mental and emotional restraints they’ve held onto all week. Anita pulls Max’s shirt from his pants and loosens his belt. Max begins to unbutton her blouse, having pulled it from her skirt as well.

“Wait. Let me go and lock the front door. We don’t want anyone walking in on us. Meet me in my office. I’ll be right back.”, Max says as he heads to make sure the coast is clear and locks up.

Entering his office and closing the door behind him, he finds Anita sitting upon the edge of his desk. She has already removed her shoes and skirt. Her blouse is fully unbuttoned and falling freely over her perky tits. She is without a bra, wearing nothing but an unbuttoned blouse and panties, invitingly staring at her boss from the edge of his desk…..Want more? Follow the link below.