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Erotica Book Catalog

Futa on Female
Futa on Futa
Futa on Male
Gender Swap Sex Change
Male Feminization / Sissification
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Single Titles

Bent Over Futa: Taking the Boss
Bursting: She's Gotta Hide It
Calling for Tranny Sex: Futas Anonymous Sexcorts
Curse of the Futa-Witch: Gender Swap Magic Shop
Futa Domme: Alpha Male Feminization
Futa Meat: Between Those Buns
Futa-licious Dom Juice: Across My Bottom
Futanari Butt Ninja: Sweet Puckering Surrender
Futanari Mistress: She Gets What She Wants
Futanari Tutoring Sessions: She's so Hard
I Dream of a Futa Genie: Futanari Sex Magic
In Her Body: Turned into a Woman Who Craves Futa Meat (Gender Swap Feminization)
Magic Futa Panties: Sissified Feminization
Puckered: Because It Feels So Good
Rod of Correction: Because She's Sooo Bad
Takin' It DEEP! Feminized by the Futa Alpha
The Dominant Wife: He Submits to Her
The Futa's Trap: Male Sissy Feminization
The Librarian: She's Packing More Than Books
Women Love Futas, Too: Swapped and Popped by my BFF (Gender Swap Feminization)

Series Titles

Hittin' the Futa Jackpot Series

Book 1: Men Love Futas
Book 2: The Futa Next Door
Book 3: Club Futa, A Gentlemen's Paradise

My Futa Nymph Lover Series

Book 1: His Tranny Surprise
Book 2: Futa on Futa Love Affair
Book 3: Futanari Meets the Parents

Sissy Feminization Trials Series

Book 1: Cuckolded and Sissified by my Wife's Futanari BFF
Book 2: Feminized and Popped til I Drop
Book 3: Sissy Loves the Scent of a Woman

The Futanari Demoness Series

Book 1: Erotic Passion
Book 2: Opening Her Backdoor
Book 3: Taking Turns
Book 4: Double the Pleasure
Book 5: Gender Swapping Shapeshifter

Collections & Bundles

Futagirl Bundle (4 Steamy Stories of Futa on Male Erotica)
Gender Bender, Now He Is Her (Gender Swap Collection)
Hittin' the Futa Jackpot (Series Bundle)
My Futa Nymph Lover (Series Bundle)
Taught to Like It: In the Butt (3 Story Bundle)
The Futanari Demoness (Series Bundle)