Bursting: She’s Gotta Hide It

Bursting: She’s Gotta Hide It

B u r s t i n g
S h e ' s   G o t t a   H i d e   I t

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This is a Futa Dom male sub, interracial lust, first-time anal erotica. An expedition team explores a rainforest deep in South America. One member, Stefan, in awe of the glorious scenery, strays too far away from the designated area and falls into a valley. He manages to grab ahold of a few vines on his way down which breaks his fall. However, he’s stranded with no known way back to his team. As he puts forth his survival efforts, Tamela, a futanari of the magically hidden Futanari City, spots him and watches from a far.

Aware of his being lost and stranded, Tamela decides to tend to Stefan’s injuries and guide him out of the valley and onto a path back to his expedition’s main camp. The more time they spend together, the more attracted to each other they become. However, Tamela initially hides the fact that she’s a futanari. As the erotic tension between them reach the point of no return, she’s forced to reveal to Stefan her central pillar of glory. He becomes a bit reluctant to consummate after this discovery, but her erotic pheromones have placed him in a state of insatiable desire.

Magical secrets are shared and he is protected by the privacy of being stranded and alone with his futanari savior. The details are much too intense for this blurb – See you inside!