A Refreshing Sexual Arrangement

A Refreshing Sexual Arrangement

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve added categories to the drop-down menu above. This category arrangement has been under construction since I first began exploring its usefulness. To make adding future ebooks more manageable, I sought to simplify this category arrangement regardful of its relevancy. Hence, some changes have been made.

I wanted to keep Futa Dom / male sub & Male Dom / futa sub as their own specific categories because sometimes we may want one or the other. As far as a category for when the futa and the male are taking turns on each other, I could have added one, but the goal is to simplify the management of the many titles found here at MI-Eros.com.

So, I’ve decided to place within the book’s description whether it’s specifically Futa Dom / male sub or Male Dom / futa sub. Otherwise, the Futa on Male category contains futa tops, futa bottoms, and futa versatiles on the men who find them irresistible. Also, Women Love Futas, Too (hint!).

Welcome to 2018, and I wish you a happy, fun, and very satisfying sexual experience for all this year and beyond! This is MI Eros – Enjoy! 😉

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